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Nothing Can Stop Her From Achieving Her Dream: Angel’s Story

By October 22, 2020August 19th, 2022No Comments
angel story

Originally from Zimbabwe, Angel decided to move to Canada because of its peaceful and welcoming nature, as well as being a great place to raise a family. Unfortunately, moving to Canada meant that she had to leave her husband and daughter behind until a future date when they would finally be able to join her. She also found out that she was expecting a baby boy before moving to Canada, so there was a lot to consider during her move!

When Angel arrived, going back to school wasn’t an option at first as she didn’t have enough information to make the important decision, as well as not knowing how to finance her education. It was only when she became a Permanent Resident, that she heard about Anderson College from a friend, “I wanted to go into caregiving because that was the first job I did when I came to Canada and I developed a real interest in it”, she explained. Angel studied economics back home, so while the switch to healthcare was a little bit difficult, Angel knew she could do it. Angel’s husband and daughter joined her in Canada, and her husband decided to pursue the Personal Support Worker program, also with Anderson College.

Deborah, Angel’s Admissions Advisor, was the first person she met, “Deborah is a lovely and cheerful lady. Just talking with her for the first time gave me faith that I was going to pull through. She took us through every step of the way until we started school. The following nine months at school were also brilliant,” Angel said. Deborah also remembers the first time she met Angel, “she’s such a strong woman. I could tell from her presence when she first sat down in front of me.”

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Even though she had no medical background, Angel was able to do well in the PSW program, thanks to her teachers and classmates. “The support that I had from the teachers and the other students was just phenomenal, it made my journey so much easier,” she added.

Angel finished the PSW program at the top of her class, but her story doesn’t stop there! “The PSW program was just great for me. I wanted to go further with my studies, because I had already developed a great interest in the health industry”, she explained. The Cardiology Technology program is difficult, but Angel is not one to shy away from a challenge. After her interview with Heather, the Chair of the Cardiology Technology program, Deborah was the first one to call her, “ I found out that she had been accepted and I called her the next day. She was so excited! It was an amazing feeling that we went through this journey together”, she explained.

Angel only started the program a couple of months ago, and she is loving the program so far, her teachers and classmates are so supportive. Her husband continues to play an important role in her success as he has supported her since the beginning. They both help each other with the children so they can both study and focus on their schoolwork.

Angel is grateful to Deborah, who has been there for her since the beginning, “There are people you meet in life who help you pursue your dreams. It’s an honour to find someone who supports you and pulls you through,” Angel said. Angel’s determination is a source of inspiration as she has shown that nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams.

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