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Never Give Up! The Inspiring Story of Ana Vanessa

By October 1, 2020August 18th, 2022No Comments

Ana Vanessa, an Intra Oral Dental Assistant student from our North York campus, has become an inspiration for many of us. Despite her recent challenges, she kept going and never gave up.

Her husband, Red, recently sustained a workplace injury where he suffered electrical burns which required his left leg to be amputated. He remained at the hospital in critical condition on a ventilator for breathing support. Unfortunately, it happened while Ana Vanessa was preparing for her exam; he was also supposed to be her patient during the practical exam. Ana Vanessa recalls, “I wasn’t able to do the clinical exam that I was supposed to take that day as I was at the hospital every day.”

Her husband’s hospitalization has been difficult for her family and children, but she is very thankful for her eldest who helps taking care of and looking out for the youngest. “The kids miss him so much”, she said.

As she was taking care of her husband, she couldn’t stop thinking about her exam and what she should do. She decided to talk to her instructors and told them that she wanted to focus on her current situation as it would be too hard for her to concentrate on her studies. Even though she made this decision, she kept thinking about it and what it might mean for her future. “Every night I was thinking that if I stop, I will have to wait for a couple of months to continue. I will also have to go to school every day to refresh my memory, so I don’t forget what I have learned”, said Ana Vanessa.

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She wasn’t sure what the best decision was for both her family and her future, so she turned to her friends for advice. They encouraged her to take the exam so it would be done and she could be back with her husband when he came home from the hospital. The advice resonated with her and she talked with her mentors again. She asked them if she could join the other group that was supposed to take the exam the following week, to which they agreed. Ana Vanessa was happy with the decision, “My instructor and mentors were really supportive. They gave me a chance during this trying time”, she said.

Thanks to the support of her instructors and mentors, she was able to pass her exam successfully and leave for her practicum. Ana Vanessa did her practicum at the ToothDocs Family Dentistry clinic, where they were accommodating and understanding of her situation, “My time with the clinic is going really well and people at the clinic are very nice”, she added.

Ana Vanessa is very thankful for all the help and support she has received, “I want to thank my mentors as they encouraged me and supported me from the moment the accident happened. I thank them for their encouragement and for their guidance. I’m so thankful for the people around me, they are angels to me.”

Most people would have probably given up, but Ana Vanessa continued to be resilient; taking care of her husband, children and pursuing her studies. She has proven that, despite the hardship that life throws at us, you can stay strong and achieve anything you put your mind to.

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