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Medical Office Administrator Training – What to Expect of Your Program

By September 14, 2022No Comments
Medical Office Administrator Training

As a person passionate about the wellbeing of others, looking for an opportunity to support the healthcare industry with your innate abilities to organize, see and sort details, problem solve and compassionately relate to a diverse range of patients, medical office administration could be your career fit.

In researching potential medical administration courses and the best college to obtain your medical administrative diploma from, you’ll want to gather information on the specific details of the medical office assistant program they are offering.

At Anderson College our Medical Office Administrator (MOA) program is 40 to 42 weeks and includes either an 8-week practicum to give you hands-on experience with a potential employer or a capstone project that enables you to apply theoretical knowledge to a practical, major, project.

But in your selection of a medical assistant college, there are few things you may want to, specifically, consider:

  • Is the program taught by those who have extensive industry expertise?
  • Are you supported by a team of instructors and staff who will guide you through the steps to get started, provide direction during your program and a career services team focused on helping you develop the skills necessary to gain employment?
  • And finally, is the instructional design such that you will have the knowledge, skills and practical training to succeed in your profession?

At Anderson, we are dedicated to ensuring “Yes!” to all of the above and a curriculum to support that end.

Here is What You Can Expect from Your Anderson College MOA Program.


1. Mastery of Administrative Tasks

As a graduate you will be able to:

  • Prioritize and coordinate tasks to meet deadlines,
  • Organize medical records and setup and maintain database systems,
  • Utilize financial and billing software, and
  • Produce accurate medical correspondence and reports.

2. A Keen Understanding of Medical Terms

You will be able to name the organs, define the medical terminology, and describe the functions, the common disease processes, and symptoms that are associated with major body systems. And with this knowledge, you will be able to transcribe medical dictation into the correct format, from medical letters, chart notes, history and physical reports to operative and pathology reports.

3. Savvy Computer Skills

From the basic components of the computer, how the operating system works, tips and techniques to search and locate information on the internet, to relevant Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) training and keyboard accuracy, you’ll have all you need to effectively perform your MOA duties.

4. A Foundation in Ethics, Professionalism and Healthcare Law

As a graduate, you will have gained a knowledge base in the principles of work and medical ethics, professionalism in the workplace and in the laws that govern our healthcare system; this foundation is essential as you fulfill your role as an integral member of the Canadian healthcare team.

5. Key Medical, First Aid and Safety Training

Students gain an understanding of how to apply what you’ve learned in this medical assistant training program to theoretically working within a clinic and within a hospital setting, receive First Aid and CPR training, as well as training in various safety procedures for a variety of working environments.

6. Practical Training to Fuel Success

Whether you select the program that offers a practicum, offsite, working with potential employers in a setting that will enable to you apply classroom learning to life, or a capstone project to put theory into a practical-application scenario, you will feel confident in your ability to translate what you’ve learned into a career environment.

7. Support for Life

We are dedicated to ensuring you become highly skilled and confident and are so proficient at your job that you are in demand within the healthcare industry. To this end, our career services, that includes resume/cover letter assistance, job search and interview preparation training and a connection to our Anderson Job Fairs, are provided to you, for life. Yes, for life.

Our Anderson College Medical Office Administrator program and our team are poised to help you get started in this rewarding career. If you’re still looking for more information, connect to our popular blog posts:

If you’re still determining your best career fit, no problem. Why not take the “Anderson College Medical Professional Career Training Readiness Quiz”?

Of if you’re ready to dive right in to your Medical Office Administration career, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team and join the next class!

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