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Kickstart Your IT Career – 5 Tips to Fuel Your Success!

By July 8, 2021May 24th, 2023No Comments
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Now that you’re fired up to start training for a career in IT, there are concrete steps you can take to help pave your pathway to success. By embarking on an IT adventure here in Canada, you’re already poised to benefit from an important advantage. The Canadian tech industry is a major economic driver that shows steady, ongoing growth as the country continues to embrace the digital economy.

With your sights set on this burgeoning field, and as employment opportunities surge, you’re off to a great start. But there’s more you can do to position yourself for success. We’ve outlined 5 tips to give you that additional advantage, empowering you to kickstart your IT career.

1.Get Technical Knowledge

You don’t need to be an expert before you begin, but it helps to get a map of the technical territory. Know the basics, such as what the main programming languages are and what major frameworks support them. Pick up some of the IT language and learn some definitions. Not sure what an SDK is? A quick Google search will tell you it’s a Software Development Kit – or “devkit.” A lot of basic information is available at no cost online and you can find many IT-related resources at your local library.

2.Get Acquainted with the Industry

The tech industry is enormous. With so many domains, disciplines and specializations – from network administration, computer maintenance, software development to data management and more – it’s important to get a picture of the industry before you dive in. What are the main companies? What are the industry standards? And what parts interest you most? Once you know the industry landscape, you’ll have an easier time positioning yourself, deciding where you want to go next, and figuring out how to get there.

3.Get Certified

To establish the career you want, enroll in a training program that best suits your goals and acquire the kinds of certifications that IT hiring managers are looking for. The right certifications demonstrate your technical expertise, make you more employable, and can net you a higher salary.

Investigate IT programs and certifications in industry-standard technologies from major vendors, such as Cisco technology (CCNA and CCNP certification), Microsoft (Windows Server) and Red Hat (RHCSA and RHCE certification). Earning recognized certifications shows you’ve mastered the core concepts and opens the door to the widest range of careers possible.

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4.Get Experience

Don’t wait for graduation to get experience. Reach out to companies about internships, or speak to IT professionals in your network, or recent graduates from your IT program, to find freelance opportunities. Pursue paid work and internships when you can, but explore unpaid alternatives too. Volunteering to put your IT training to work at a small organization shows initiative, gives you a chance to test drive your skills, benefits the community, and looks great on your resume.

5.Get Up To Date

With technology changing so fast, it’s crucial for IT professionals to stay current. Professional websites, trade periodicals and peer networks are a great place to learn about new methods and innovations, and to stay connected, engaged and informed. It’s advisable to keep your knowledge fresh through retraining and recertification as well. Advanced certifications with major vendors – such as Cisco CCNP and Red Hat RHCE certifications – give you that next challenge and puts you first in line for promotions and pay raises.

The best way to launch your career in IT is simply to take that first step, with a college that has a proven track record for successful, satisfied, in-demand graduates and leading-edge programs taught by industry experts. Anderson College is that place and, to soar in the IT industry, the Advanced Diploma in Cisco and Red Hat Engineering is your program.

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