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How to Drive Your Massage Therapy Career to New Levels of Success

By May 10, 2024No Comments
Massage Therapy

There is a surge in self-care happening; couple that with an aging population and you have an unprecedented opportunity for those who specialize in pampering. A massage therapist education can make way for you to thrive in an industry that boasts autonomy, flexible schedules, and purposeful work to enhance the lives of others. But it can be competitive, so you need to be perpetually playing your “A” game.

Whether you’re just looking into massage therapist colleges/massage training or have graduated from a massage therapy school, you’ll want to know what can give you the competitive edge and catapult you to success.

These insights are for you.

The 4 Ds of Massive Massage Therapy Career Success


1. Dream

You need to have a clear understanding of why you want to commit your energy and time to this particular profession. This “why” will keep you motivated during those sleepless study weeks, when you’re building a client base or branching out on your own to launch your own practice.

This dream needs:

  • A vision – What you will be doing in six months to one year and how will you be delivering your services to clients? Make it vivid.
  • Passion – If you’re going to bring-it each day to your clients and commit a huge portion of your time to massage therapy, you’ve got to love it.
    Self-Motivation – It’s up to you how much success you experience and so you need to be able to supercharge yourself day to day.

2. Drive

This is ongoing and not just when you’re thrilled to be in the game but when there are challenges you need to overcome, people you need to work with, disciplines you need to embrace.

Your drive needs to include:

  • Stellar Skills – Your massage therapist classes and training matter. Clients need to know they can trust you and you need to ensure you have the theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice to establish your own confidence and know you’ve got what it takes to succeed in the short and long term.
  • Specialization – You want to explore all the ways in which you can serve and support your clients as they find relaxation, relieve pain, and release stress and then focus in on what niche you can offer that will set you apart.
  • Savvy Plan – Now that you’ve got a dream and the skills to make it happen, a solid plan is required. What environment do you want to work within? Do you want your own gig? How will you begin? How will you make it happen?

3. Discipline

To truly take your career to perpetually new heights you need to be disciplined. You need to research and know what your clients want, align that with the latest research, techniques and equipment and then show up every day and deliver.

Your discipline must include:

  • Positive Outlook – A commitment to a positive outlook because attitude is everything. Your clients and co-workers feel it when your enthusiasm and belief in what you’re doing are at the forefront of your communication, choices, and service.
  • Professional Integrity – From the atmosphere you create, the environment of safety and cleanliness your offer, and the relationship of trust you build with your clients to your comprehensive and/or specialized offerings, you must be intent on setting the tone for something unique in the market.

4. Development

The massage therapy industry is always evolving, and you want to grow right along with it.

You want to perpetually develop:

  • Services – You want to hone in on areas of need for your clients and let people know that they can count of you to specialize in those disciplines.
    Customer Care – You want to consistently receive feedback from your clients and be improving what you offer so that you’re always taking your skills and services to new and relevant levels.
  • Client Base – Expand. Expand. Expand. You want to be reaching out to new clients, sharing positive testimonials to encourage new clientele, and finding ways to market your business so you can get the word out.
    Community and Professional Relationships – You want to be a pillar in your community where you can. You want to align your services with other professionals who provide care. This allows you to cross promote, continually evolve, and be engaged in community while doing it.

Embracing these 4 Ds and all that goes with them, will ensure that as you establish and grow your career as a registered massage therapist (RMT), you will experience a level of professional success that you can be proud of and that will enrich your life year to year.

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