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Honoring Remembrance: Inspiring Bravery – Anderson Connect

By November 10, 2023No Comments

This edition of the Anderson Connect is dedicated to our brothers and sisters in arms, and to you.

In this month of remembrance, we look to the men and women who, in their bravery and sacrifice, ensured the freedom that we experience, everyday, here in Canada. In our reflection, we also look to those who inspire us daily, within Anderson College. This is you, our students. We take a moment to recognize your bravery in overcoming the challenges of the past, choosing a better life for yourself, for your families, and dedicating yourself to the pursuit of a career that serves your community, and in that, us all.

You make up the foundation and the future of the country that our veterans fought so valiantly for; they are undoubtedly proud, as are we. We join with you in the weeks ahead, in gratitude for our freedom and the relationships that we, as an Anderson family, enjoy.

Today’s read is approximately 4 minutes.

Inside this Edition:

  • A Thought to Ponder
  • A Short Story to Inspire
  • 1 Short Video to Motivate

A Thought to Ponder

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ― Anais Nin

Your courage to leap over obstacles of the past, step forward into possibility, trust that you have precisely what it takes to achieve your goals and live the life you imagine … these are the things we, at Anderson College, admire about you! We are grateful to be on the adventure with you.

A Short Story to Inspire

A person in search of courage came to a wise master and asked him to teach him of bravery. The master considered for a long moment and then said, “I will teach you, but on one condition. For one month you will have to live in a big city and everyday, along your way, you must see the people around you, find something that is good about them, look straight into the person’s eyes and tell them of the good you see.”

A shy person, the man was overwhelmed with fear at the thought of having to talk to strangers, having to really see those around him, as he’d hidden most of his life. But determined to overcome his feelings of cowardice, and the unbearable nature of living his life in fear, he decided to simply do as the master asked. He travelled to the city to begin his task.

At first, when walking down the street he couldn’t even look at others. But each day he went out and wandered for hours, finally learning to look up from his feet and at the strangers passing by. He began seeing them, really seeing them, their smiles, the colourful outfits they wore or the determination on their faces as they travelled so obviously from home to work and back again. He saw the children at play, those who loved them caring for them. Each day brought new delights.

He went into the grocery store and saw a young man working hard at bagging groceries, helping those around him. He conjured the courage to speak. He told the boy what he noticed, and the boy beamed. His bravery soared from there. He helped a woman cross the street and complimented her blouse and her smile. He bought a coffee and a pair of mitts for a man sleeping on the street and stopped to talk and asked about his story, sharing a treasured moment with the stranger-now-friend.

The more he moved into the street with the intention to see, the more he saw. The more he saw the easier it became to find respectful ways to comment and connect with others. And in this experience, he learned to see a greater strength and a goodness within himself. After the month of doing what the master asked, he was transformed, quit the job that dragged his spirits down, determined to forge a new way for his life.
He returned to the master to thank him, saying, “Thank you teacher. I completed the task; I’m not afraid anymore. But how did you know this strange task would help me to find courage, to find myself?”

“Cowardice and fear are just habits learned, my friend. By doing the things that scare us, and focusing our attention on the goodness within others, we become brave by habit and can finally see our own remarkable nature. This empowers us to be courageous in our choices for self and others.”

The Moral of the Story
Practice bravery and you will become brave. Focus on recognizing the good in others and you will be amazed by the goodness within yourself and be transformed.

~ Author, Jennifer Maki

1 Short Videos to Motivate

A 2-minute Brief History of Remembrance Day by the History Channel

As you embrace the month ahead, we invite you to pause in gratitude for the ones who paved the way for the life we know today in Canada, and in awe for your part in bringing about a brighter future. And remember, we are always here to support and encourage you along your journey, should you ever need a boost on your way to soaring!

~ Your Anderson College Team

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