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Her Daughter’s Disability Inspired Her to Build a Life in Canada – Naomi’s Story

By November 28, 2022November 30th, 2022No Comments
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At Anderson College, we are constantly amazed by the courage of our students, faculty, and staff. In December 2021 we ran a “My Courageous Moment” story-gathering campaign to celebrate our students, their strength, the moments that have defined their lives and the people who have motivated them to overcome and succeed.

In sharing our stories, we realize we are not alone and are often inspired to recognize, or to find, our own extraordinary courage. We hope the following story moves you, as it has our Anderson family.

The courageous moment I experienced in the past would be when I arrived here in Canada. A time I chose to courageously take action in my life, a time that defined me, was when I decided to move to Canada. My decision was final, and I knew there was no looking back.

“It all started when I gave birth to my first child and found out she had a disability; she was born with no arms.”

It all started when I gave birth to my first child and found out she had a disability; she was born with no arms. As a mother I was devastated, because this would mean life for her would be very hard, especially considering our country’s living conditions.

With my country’s poor management of and assistance for people with disabilities, it was even difficult to get her into a school. As she grew older, I began to see the pure potential that she had and how it would certainly go to waste in my country with its challenging living conditions.

That’s when I decided to come up with a plan to help her, and the rest of my children, and move to Canada. This was because I wanted her, and the rest of my children, to have the chance to create a new and better life than the one that they had before.

“Graduating from Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology is a very big achievement for me and for my family.”

This was a very difficult decision to make considering that it meant I would leave a lot of important things behind. Things like my job, that provided a stable income to support my family, as well as my husband’s job which also offered us stability. Loved ones, like my mother and siblings, were all surprised at this sudden change we were making and were all saddened because it meant there would be very little interaction between family members and extended family. Not to mention the fact that we were moving to a country that we had almost next to no information about. We didn’t know how people here lived and how they did things in this country. I knew I would have to learn quickly if I wanted to adjust efficiently, particularly for the sake of my dear children and their futures.

Now we live in a country with better living conditions and a much better life in general, and we don’t have to worry too much about the dangers that surround us or the high risk of dying. Though, honestly, I still miss my mom, siblings, and some very good friends of mine.

Finally, graduating from Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology is a very big achievement for me and for my family. I could never have reached this achievement if I hadn’t taken that bold step, one that would change my life forever. In life, I’ve learned how to be patient, focus on the things that are most important, determine what will define my life, and then to put the necessary effort in to achieve my goals.

I want people to realize that things happen for a reason.
If it wasn’t for my daughter’s condition, I wouldn’t be here in Canada today.
Initially I thought both my life and hers were doomed after the shame and the mocking of people, but now I’m in a better place.
If we can do it, you can overcome and achieve anything too.

Naomi E.

Naomi aligned her passions and interests with a career that would open doors wide with opportunity. She became a Personal Support Worker. If you have a passion for people and want to make a difference, but are still exploring whether this career may be a fit, take our “Personal Support Worker Career Discovery Quiz”.

To learn more about our Personal Support Worker programs or our other 30+ leading-edge programs to help you take life to the next level of success, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team today! We’re here to support and empower you every step along the way.

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