Medical Esthetician Program

What is a Medical Esthetician?

A Medical Esthetician’s role spans from administrative to procedural activities within a spa setting. A medical aesthetician specializes in skincare, particularly facial skincare. Greeting clients, scheduling and confirming esthetic appointments and communicating messages for co-workers and management is part of the day-to-day responsibilities. Estheticians will also promote treatments, services and sessions as well as programs, promotions and discounts available to clients. Estheticians will have working knowledge and understanding of all services and products while educating and informing the clients in these areas.

The Medical Estheticians’ main duties include performing skin analysis and facial treatments, applying make-up and performing manicures and pedicures. Other responsibilities include hair removal, spa body treatments and various types of cosmetic massage. Estheticians practice and uphold standards of appropriate infection prevention and sanitary control practice in order to prevent the transmission of contamination while performing all treatments. Other duties include performing preparatory work and properly cleaning and restocking rooms and dispensaries as required, as well as controlling and monitoring inventory.

Program Objectives / Job Opportunities

Students in the Anderson College Medical Esthetician Diploma Program will be able to apply relevant knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, histology and terminology to the provision of specialized esthetic treatments. Students will gain an understanding of a variety of specialized skin and body care treatments, following appropriate procedure, room preparation, observing specific indications, contraindications, safety precautions and maintaining client comfort and modesty including, but not limited to, facials, body treatments, cosmetic massages, manicures, pedicures, basic makeup applications, lash and brow enhancements and hair removal.

With the guidance of Anderson College industry expert instructor/s, students will be able to understand the scope of practice of a Medical Esthetician in a medical environment. Students are likewise expected to develop and maintain customer service strategies that meet and adapt to individual needs and expectations in accordance with professional standards and ethics. An understanding of business management skills for salons and spas will also be covered.

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Rewarding career opportunities can be found in a variety of areas including:

Skin Care Clinics
Medical spas
Beauty Salons
Wellness Centers
Resorts and Destinations Spas


Ivana L.
Esthetics Instructor

Ivana is a certified esthetician and has been in the Esthetics industry for over 6 years. Ivana always knew she had an entrepreneurial side, which is why she decided to branch off and open her own mobile spa business which she is still currently managing. She enjoys helping her students become successful in their Esthetic career and ensuring that they will be skilled and knowledgeable when facing challenges in a professional environment.

Ivana takes pleasure in volunteering her spare time and her Esthetics skills and expertise at charity fundraisers and events.

Lisa C.
Esthetics Instructor

Lisa has over 25 years of experience in the field of aesthetics and an additional 10 years of experience as a Medical Aesthetician. She originally trained at the International Institute of Esthetic (Edith Serei) in Montreal Lisa works closely with our Students to prepare them to become effective, adaptable and successful Service Professionals.

Maggie L.
Esthetics Instructor

Maggie has over 15 years of experience in the esthetics Industry. She believes that in order to be successful in this profession, you must have courage to try different things as this will allow you to think differently in the ever-evolving beauty world.

Maggie graduated as an Esthetician in England and began her career in Europe working in various spas and salons. Maggie pursued an opportunity to travel while doing what she loved, working on a cruise ship providing a variety of esthetic services to travelers.
Maggie worked in prestigious spas around the city where she became a part of the management team. As a Manager, she was actively involved in the training and coaching of her team. The realization of this passion brought Maggie to Anderson College where she continues to share her expertise.

Pina L.
Esthetics Instructor

Pina has over 18 years of experience in the Aesthetics industry.  She received her training from Lam’s School of Advanced Esthetics and Oncology Training International She has owned her own clinic for over 13 years (PT Skin Care Specialists) and has previous experience teaching at Seneca College in the Continuing Education Department. Pina works closely with her Students to equip them for the meticulous yet creative and exciting world of Aesthetics.

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It all started with a visit to Anderson College.
It all started with a visit to Anderson College.
It all started with a visit to Anderson College.
It all started with a visit to Anderson College.
It all started with a visit to Anderson College.
It all started with a visit to Anderson College.