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Medical Office Training: A Global Movement in Healthcare

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The Global Definition of Health Worker is Expanding to Include Non-Medical Roles

The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently working on an integrated policy ‘Global Strategy for Human Resources in Healthcare’ that encompasses end-to-end patient services.  More specifically, incorporating the importance of all patient touch-points during the medical-care process.  WHO is looking at the ‘experience’ patients are provided (which includes non-medical personnel) – not only at the quality of medical care they receive1.

In this report, Health workers are “all people engaged in actions whose primary intent is to enhance health” (WHO – World Health Report 2006). This includes physicians, nurses and midwives, but also laboratory technicians, public health professionals, community health workers, pharmacists, and all other support workers whose main function relates to delivering preventive, promotive or curative health services1.

Health workers (including those who have completed Medical Office Assistant Training) typically operate in collaboration with the wider social service workforce, who is responsible to ensure the welfare and protection of socially or economically disadvantaged individuals and families; a closer integration of the health and social service workforce can also improve long-term care for aging populations1.

This global strategy will address best practices, at a national level by planners and policymakers, and at a global level by the international community. A final draft of this global strategy is being presented at the 69th World Health Assembly in May 2016.

The Projected Outcome

These findings will dictate how countries with National Health Care Systems will implement go-forward medical strategies as globally recognized best-practices are a tipping point for change.  The fact that non-medical staff, such as those who have completed Medical Office Assistant Programs are being considered part of this integrated process is good news for individuals operating in an administrative capacity giving credence to their roles as they directly impact service levels and patient experience.

Expected Growth

Available positions for Medical Office Assistant’s (MOAs) are increasing, driven by the ongoing retirement of the baby boom generation and general increases in population. Many medical practices are converting to electronic health records, which often precipitates the need for additional staffing, improving prospects particularly for those who are computer-savvy.2

Salaries and Common Career Paths

The national average salary figure for this position is $33,500, with the highest annual salary being $45,000 depending on experience, capabilities, and tenure within the industry.  Individuals who excel in this area have the room to progress into positions with more responsibility and higher salaries.3

Common Career Paths in Canada3

Industry Accreditation and Support

Should you choose a career in this field you can easily add credibility to your resume and help build your career by joining both the Canadian Association of Administrative Assistants and the International Association of Administrative Professionals.
Memberships are available to students, graduates and those employed within this field.  Additionally, you will benefit from regular updates, networking opportunities and industry accreditations offered through these organizations.

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