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From Supply Chain & Logistics Student to Landing Supervisor in 46 Weeks!

By April 30, 2021April 25th, 2022No Comments
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When Elvie Grace came to Canada 10 years ago with her husband and kids, she never thought finding work would be much of an issue. She had earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in the Philippines and there was no reason to believe that she couldn’t pick up right where she left off. Then reality hit. After years of unsuccessful job-hunting, she realized that as an immigrant in Canada she wouldn’t be able to get a job in her field unless she had a Canadian diploma and work experience.

Elvie Grace made up her mind and started looking at schools and programs. Her kids were older and didn’t need her as much, and she felt that the timing was right. She didn’t want a long commute everyday and started looking at colleges near her home in Newmarket. A friend suggested that she look into Anderson College. The fact that the college had a campus in North York was a definite plus, but it was the array of leading-edge programs that caught her attention, and she immediately zeroed-in on the Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) program. Elvie Grace was positive that she wanted to continue working in business management, and she was open to learning new skills that would complement her background and give her access to more job opportunities. Anderson College’s SCL diploma program fit the bill.

She got in touch with the Admissions team at Anderson College and booked a tour. She was blown away by the availability and friendliness of the staff and by their ability to answer all her questions. She also felt right at home in the building. “The atmosphere was positive, and everybody looked happy. I was sold!” said Elvie Grace. Shortly after her visit, she signed up for the Supply Chain and Logistics program and was ready to embark on her new journey as an Anderson College student.

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Even though Elvie Grace never once doubted her decision to go back to school, it proved to be overwhelming at first. “Being a student in Canada is completely different than in the Philippines, and I was nervous,” said Elvie Grace. But her instructors helped ease the transition. “They understood that many of us were returning to school and that English was not our first language. They were extremely considerate and supportive, and it made all the difference in the world.”

Throughout her studies at Anderson, Elvie Grace was consistently impressed with the quality of the material taught in class and with her instructors. Not only were they knowledgeable and experienced, but they cared. “It didn’t matter if it was late at night, I knew I could email or text them to get help with my homework,” said Elvie Grace. She also loved the courses. Some of them were a good refresher and others taught her new and modern concepts of supply chain management and logistics that she knew would help her land the job she wanted. She has nothing but praise and respect for Mr. Grover, their business instructor, and Miss Victoria who helped her brush up on her computer skills. “They were amazing in the classroom and outside the classroom,” said Grace. “They did everything they could to understand our specific needs and help us succeed.”

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Another reason why Elvie Grace chose Anderson College was the 16-week practicum. If she had learned one thing from her job search, it was that Canadian work experience was a must and she wanted to make sure she got on-the-job training. As a Supply Chain and Logistics student she was able to get hands-on training in the Logistics Department at Costco. “I felt confident because I knew what they were talking about! I used all the tools Anderson gave me to do my job,” said Elvie Grace. “I had a smile on my face every time I got to apply something Mr. Grover had taught us! It felt great.”

It seems that the skills and on-the-job training that Elvie Grace acquired through her supply chain and logistics studies at Anderson College paid off because after she graduated in 2020, Costco hired her back right away and even promoted her to Logistics Supervisor!

Is there any advice Elvie Grace would like to give students considering going back to school to start a new career? “I would tell them that knowledge is power, that they should aim high, and not to be afraid to ask for help. If you have the right support, you can achieve anything.”

If Elvie Grace did it, so can you!

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