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From Newcomer to Working in Supply Chain & Logistics – Yinka’s Story

By November 11, 2022No Comments
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It’s our intention, focus and passion at Anderson College to see a student arrive with a vision and leave with a career that will empower them to take their life to new levels. We are jazzed to share our student success stories. We talk about it, write about it, and want to spread the word in the hopes that we’ll attract as many students as we can so they too can thrive in Canada.

But we know that what really matters to students, what really has impact, is hearing from those who have first-hand experience. Those who arrived in Canada with a dream, researched their options, found a fit with a college and program, did the work, persevered, gleaned from teachers and came out on the other side with a job – their account means everything.

We sat down with Supply Chain and Logistics student, Yinka Oyenuga, and he opened up about his journey to here, what made him choose Anderson, how he got started, what his classes and instructors are like, and how he landed an internship in his field. And he even sprinkles in some sage advice for students.

If you’re exploring your study and career options, hearing from someone who’s tread the path before you, may just give you the insights and courage to venture out and finally embrace the call to begin your own brave educational adventure …

My name is Yinka, I’m originally from Nigeria. Back home, I used to work in a construction company, in the supply chain and logistics department. When I arrived in Canada, being a newcomer, I began exploring what I could do here in this country, and realized I could continue working in my field. This began my search for the right school to upgrade my skills and launch my Canadian career.

Yinka search began online “to be honest with you, I found Anderson College to be an outstanding school among all the ones I’ve been checking. Before I started this program, I connected with Jun, my admissions advisor in 2019. She kept sending me emails, talking to me and advising me. I was concerned with doing my due diligence and looked at many college options. Jun kept in contact and finally I realized Anderson really was the best school for me to take Supply Chain and Logistics.
“Once I was sure, the next step was the interview, then I wrote my exams and passed and from there I was all set. Getting started was so smooth and easy.

We asked Yinka about his classes, what he took and what he really enjoyed.
The classes were so fantastic because they covered all that we needed to know about supply chain and logistics – from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, business communications, customer service, project management to all the practical knowledge we would need to have to succeed. And at the end, we were more than prepared for the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) certification.
Aside from the classes, we were so lucky to have our instructor because she took us through the whole journey so professionally. Beyond what we needed to know for the course, she offered us her expertise. She would share with us and then sometimes add, ‘Oh, this isn’t something that’s in the material; it’s just for your knowledge, in case you ever need it.’
Due to COVID, we were taking classes remotely. But you wouldn’t even realize that you were doing it online because it was just as if you were in a physical class. Our video cameras had to be on, and she was engaged in and monitoring everything. All went so well that I just have to say a heartfelt thank you to our teacher.”

Recognizing that practical application of theory learned is so important to students, we asked Yinka how the instructor encourage students to put theory into practice.
We had both personal projects and group projects. So, you have to do some research first, prepare and then present in class. Thanks to this, there’s no way you could forget what you learned in class. Even if you get nervous during presentations, there’s no way you will forget what you presented.”

When asked about his experience with the faculty and staff, Yinka had this to say.
“During the program, the staff and faculty were so helpful. If, for example, we had any difficulty with MS Teams, we could just email the IT team, and immediately you would get your ticket number and they’d look into issue and help you solve it. Regarding administration, they were helpful all the way along too. If you needed anything, you could just call or email the team, and they were there to assist. I was amazed by my experience with them.

Yinka was particularly thrilled about the opportunity to experience a practicum, where he could apply the knowledge and skills he received. “This practicum counts as work experience, your first work experience. By the time you finish the 16 weeks, you can update your LinkedIn and resume, and it will help you get hired. Your practicum is your steppingstone to getting noticed for the work you’ve done and getting hired by a company.

And get noticed he did. Yinka began searching online, found those organizations he was thrilled about, applied and kept track of the recruiter’s information. Two called him and lined up interviews. He was offered positions for both and had to choose. Other companies even contacted him later, but he’d already made his selection.
“Everything is going well so far; I have so many things to do and so much software to learn. My internship is awesome because I’m gaining work experience and qualifications to add to my resume, networking with people in the industry, experiencing a cooperative culture and developing time management skills, and so much more.

Yinka has some advice for future students looking into taking our Supply Chain and Logistics program.
Stay focused and be sure to ask any questions you have! I would advise anyone to come to Anderson College because they are so helpful and truly committed to empowering you to succeed. You need to do the work, but they’ll do everything they can to support and encourage you.
“Also, I would remind students to stay positive! With this solid program you will have what you need to take advantage of so many opportunities out there. For example, if you go to Walmart, or any store, you see many different people, such as customer care managers, inventory managers, etc. It shows you that there are so many positions waiting for you. You need to be committed, consistent and learn what you need to know. There is a ladder to climb, success to be had, so this program is a good investment to make, an investment in your future.

And Yinka’s parting thoughts for us, of which we are so grateful for …
“The last thing I just want to say is ‘Thank you; thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak out and to advise future students and especially for the great job that you’re doing for your students.’” 

We feel so honoured to have students like Yinka join us at Anderson and trust us not only with their education but with their dreams. If you’re new to Canada or looking for a first, or second, career, we’d like to support you too.

If you’re still exploring how to align your interests with your future career, you can take the “Anderson College Career Training Readiness Quiz”.

If you’re interested in Supply Chain and Logistics or any one of our other 30+ programs, book a virtual appointment to speak with an Admissions Advisor. We’re here to help you navigate the details every step of the way.

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