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From Job Angst to Career Success in Occupational Health & Safety – Andrew’s Story

By May 31, 2022August 18th, 2023No Comments
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At Anderson College, we are constantly amazed by the courage of our students, faculty, and staff. In December 2021 we ran a “My Courageous Moment” story-gathering campaign to celebrate our students, their strength, the moments that have defined their lives and the people who have motivated them to overcome and succeed.

In sharing our stories, we realize we are not alone and are often inspired to recognize, or to find, our own extraordinary courage. We hope the following story moves you, as it has our Anderson family.

I would like to share the reason for my journey to here, and what happened that brought me to Anderson College. I had been working in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. Back in January of 2020, I was coming off a 90-hour work week and had been doing 70-to-90-hour weeks even before that. I had two serious seizers and I had to quit my job, which led me to go in search of a new career. But I decided, until I was able to get my driver’s license back, I would go to work for a friend in the restaurant industry as an Assistant Manager. Who would think something like the pandemic we faced would ever happen?

I worked for a month then was let go because the owners couldn’t afford my salary. Luckily, I was able to access the government funding because I was let go. I was brought back in May of 2020, and then by June was let go again because the restaurant couldn’t open the dining room again. I decided it was time for me to make a real change. I didn’t find anything until the government started to give funding to people in industries that are essentially needed.

“I have had a great school year so far. I have been getting great grades and love the class I am in.”

Back in February 2021, I reached out to Anderson College to originally get information about the Medical Laboratory Technician program. I was speaking with Karen Mete, and she mentioned to me about a new program called Occupational Health and Safety. This interested me because of the situation that I went through within the restaurant industry, and I knew it definitely needed a change.

This was the best decision I had made in years.

“I thank my instructor for how understanding she is and willing to help when she realizes I am struggling with a subject.”

I did have more ups and downs during my start of the school year. Both my grandparents died within the first 5 months. But when they where around, they didn’t like me being in the industry I was in, and they were very happy I was making a change. My grandmother was very interested in me going back to school.

I have had a great school year so far. I have been getting great grades and love the class I am in. I’ve received so much help, and support in needing extra time because I struggle with dyslexia and a learning disability. I’ve always struggled in school this way, but before now extra help was not an option. I thank my instructor for how understanding she is and willing to help when she realizes I am struggling with a subject.

Thank you for allowing me to tell you about my time of the past two years. I am not a person who likes to talk about myself but thought it was good to share my belief that anyone can leave an industry they are unhappy in, even though it can be scary. It is never too late.

I would like to think, that at my age of 45, school can be the right choice for everyone, for anyone. Even though it was a scary decision to opt for the change, it was a good choice and look where I am now.

Andrew D.

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