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Find Out if a Developmental Service Worker Career is Right for You

By January 24, 2024No Comments
Developmental Service Worker

If you have ever held a dream to become a developmental service worker (DSW), this post is for you!

The opportunity to align interests and passions with a rewarding career is the goal of anyone seeking a fulfilling life, but this field is truly exceptional. To show up to work every single day and know that you have a direct and lasting impact on the health, joy, confidence, and quality of life of another person is a feeling second to none. But it is essential that you are prepared, that you understand the scope of the job awaiting you after a development service worker course/service worker program and determine if it is the right fit for you. This will help.

How Do You Know if a Developmental Service Worker Career is For You?


1. You Have a Passion for People

This is likely a characteristic you’ve had since time began for you. You love being with others, deep in discussions, laughing, helping people through challenges, innately inspiring them to be their best. This field is for those who love engaging with people, who look deeper than the surface and see potential and goodness and possibility. It is for those who gain energy from connecting with others and are motivated and uplifted by watching someone grow and evolve and are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside them in their goals.

2. An Inclusive Society is Something You Advocate For

You not only believe that everyone deserves to be included in all aspects of life, no matter their culture, economic status, mobility or ability, background, or age, it is in your nature to take action to make it so. Your role as a DSW will be to assist people of various physical, mental, and emotional abilities to live their best lives. Offering assistance to another gives you a sense of fulfillment and empowering them to integrate into the world and standing up for inclusion in society, all come naturally to you.

3. You are an Independent Worker and a Team Player

Your job as a DSW may have you coordinating services across various service providers and will have you working with individuals and their families and any number of co-workers. You enjoy engaging with others and are a dynamic team player, but you also recognize that at the end of the day you are most essentially responsible for upholding your duties and working directly and one-on-one with your clients. You like the independent work you get to do behind the scenes and are self-driven. Doing whatever it takes to support those you serve, and the variety that brings to the job, is a buzz for you.

4. Your Disposition is Positive and You Keep Humour at the Forefront

This job, like any other, will have rewarding days and challenging ones. Sometimes things will go precisely as you planned and other days they won’t. Some days you’ll feel as though a client has mastered something and then fear or an addiction or stubbornness will cause an outburst, a step backward, and you’ll need to roll with it, let it go, find the positive in the learning and yes even find a way to laugh. Your ability to see the good, to keep a lightness in the heavy moments, and see things with perspective and a sense of humour will be invaluable to the client and will keep you healthier in mind and body too.

5. You Have a Stellar Skillset

Beyond what you’ll glean in your development service worker program and service worker course, you need to hone a special skillset you may not learn in class. You need to be a master communicator with an ability to express yourself verbally, to write reports efficiently and present information on behalf of your clients. Your attention to detail and organizational skills will help with this and you need to have an innate ability to keep things in order. As a DSW you’ll need to think outside the box sometimes, assess situations and challenges quickly and solve problems that arise. As such, you need to have an ability to think critically and creatively. Some of these traits will come naturally, others you will commit to improving, but if you’re serious about this amazing career, the dedication to perpetual learning will come naturally.

6. You’re Looking for a Dynamic Work Environment

A DSW career is one that you can truly shape to suit your goals for the work and life you imagine. Once you’ve got your diploma you can choose from a variety of environments and areas of focus, from working with families, within community or residential agencies and community organizations to the private sector. You can create a flexible schedule or work full time. This career also offers competitive salaries and benefits, and often comes with extra training and development opportunities as you look to expand your skills and career through the years.


You should have an inkling, or even a solid idea, as to whether this career is for you now, but if you’re still wondering if your skills and interests align with a DSW position, take the “Anderson College Developmental Support Worker Discovery Quiz”.

In coming to understand what this role calls for, and in your feeling a resonance with these qualities, know that the world, our communities, need more people like you. If you want to know more about how you can train and launch your DSW career within one year, learn from field experts and get hands-on, practical experience, we’re here to help you navigate your way.

Take a look at our Developmental Service Worker program, and then book a virtual appointment with our Admissions Advisors. You know that future you imagine? It can start right now.

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