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Evelyn’s Success – Nanny to Payroll Coordinator – Inspires Newcomers and Us All!

By January 20, 2023March 27th, 2023No Comments
Payroll Coordinator

So many hopeful immigrants come to Canada to begin again and embrace a brighter future. At Anderson College, it is a common story that we are infinitely grateful to be a part of. Many have solid careers in their home countries; upon arriving here, they typically need to do whatever is necessary to provide a financial foundation for themselves, and their families. This is wonderful, that they feel safe and can anticipate a better life. But there comes a time when many will shift from thinking about merely surviving to embracing the opportunities and support available to upgrade their credentials and truly thrive here in Canada. Evelyn is one such hopeful woman, with a story of success to warm the heart.

“I was a bookkeeper back home, but in moving to Canada took on a job as a nanny for 12 years,” Evelyn shared. “I chose Anderson College because I heard a lot of good things from my colleagues and friends about the college. The online classes gave me the flexibility to study and work at the same time.”

Evelyn’s passion for numbers and tenacity to leverage this educational opportunity are remarkable and commendable indeed.

“I graduated with honours and passed the Canadian Payroll Certification exam. Even before the course ended, I was looking for a job. I got hired and started a new job as a payroll clerk, right away, under a leading professional talent agency. My first assignment was working for a moving company located in Oshawa under a temporary contract. At first, it was not easy since it was my first job working in an office setting, and I travelled 84 kms a day back and forth. But because I wanted to learn and work in the field that I studied at Anderson, I accepted the offer to challenge myself and prove that I could do it.”

Her efforts did not go unnoticed, and as anyone in business can attest to, a person of Evelyn’s work ethic and commitment, is an employee you do not want to lose.

“After three months of work, the company, Canada Cartage (Direct Limited Partnerships) – Canada’s largest and most experienced specialized provider of fully outsourced trucking fleets and last mile logistics solutions – offered me a full-time, permanent job as a payroll coordinator with a good salary and benefits.”

Despite all that Evelyn had to do to make ends meet in moving to Canada, she never lost sight of her ultimate goal. And look at her now!

“My experience as a bookkeeper back home inspired my decision to pursue my ultimate passion … to work in accounting. And now, at 42 years-of-age, I finally accomplished my dream. This has been achieved with the help of the Anderson College faculty and staff, who trained me to be a leading candidate with a competitive edge.”

Evelyn’s future is bright, and we could not be more proud of, or thrilled for, her. Her journey, her story of accomplishment, demonstrates the possibilities for all those who arrive in Canada with a dream, at any age!

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my instructors who assisted me in my education, especially Ms. Victoria Go Ho. Our class learned a lot. The lessons were clear and understandable, and our instructor wouldn’t move on to the next module until everyone had fully grasped the lesson. She was a very supportive instructor from start to finish. The administration staff were also quick to respond to our concerns and were helpful all along the way. I am indeed grateful.”

Evelyn has some parting, inspiring, advice for us all.

“Age doesn’t matter. There is always hope. Dream big and reach for it.
Nothing is impossible if you work hard.
Thank you, Anderson, and thank you to my ever-supportive colleagues.
Congratulations to all the Accounting and Payroll graduates of 2022!”

Evelyn D.

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