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Essential Skills You’ll Learn in Medical Office Administrator Training

By October 17, 2022No Comments
Medical Office Administrator Training

Medical office administration (MOA) plays a powerful role in doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories, clinics and a variety of other medical settings. A medical office assistant is the first person to greet patients and staff and sets the tone for the work, and patient-care, atmosphere. A keen blend between technical knowledge and superior soft skills are required and selecting a leading-edge medical assistant college to prepare you to be highly skilled and in demand, will give you the competitive edge.

In this blog we connect you to the array of required skills you’ll want to know about, and finally, if you’re ready to leap in, the specifics on what Anderson College’s MOA program covers.

Here we go…

Determining If There’s a Match
If you’re just beginning to explore medical administration courses/a medical assistant training program, you may want to find out how your interests may fit this career choice. Take our “Anderson College Medical Professional Career Training Readiness Quiz” to find out more.

To launch a successful career in this field, you’ll want to examine your skillset and ensure a match between your passion and this role’s responsibilities. From critical thinking, problem-solving, dealing with diverse patients, and dedication to quality assurance to leadership skills, there are traits you’ll need to cultivate. To get the lowdown on these requirements, read our popular blog, 5 Skills You Need to Master to Succeed as a MOA. And beyond the technical, you’ll need to expand those soft skills. Learn more about the top ones to tap, here, by reading Medical Office Assistant Training + These 5 Soft Skills = Career Success.

Ready to Dive In?
If you said, “Yes!”, you’ve good a good feeling that this could be for you. So, what exactly will you learn in your 40/42 weeks with us? Whether you select a practicum placement with on-the-job training with potential employers, or a capstone project to demonstrate what you’ve gleaned, the content we cover (and the Anderson supportive community) is the same.

Essential Skills You’ll Learn in Our Medical Office Administrator Program


1. Specialized Medical Knowledge for Administration

To be able to transcribe a physician’s dictation, assist with reports, organize information and be able to communicate with healthcare professionals and patients alike, you will require a medical knowledge base. You will learn basic human anatomy and medical terminology to equip you with precisely what you need to conduct yourself and communicate with confidence.

2. Office Savvy and Business Know How

You will be on top of best practices and the required technology to ensure the office runs efficiently and effectively. You will learn computer fundamentals, business correspondence, document formatting, billing practices and come to understand insurance rules and hospital and laboratory procedures according to province. You will take that passion for tech, organization and attention to detail and put it to excellent use as you master these skills, empowering you to lead in the office.

3. Patient Expertise and Care

The crucial skills required to provide compassionate, knowledgeable, effective information and support to patients as they face any number of concerns and outcomes, is a major focus for our MOA program. Having the medical knowledge, a positive relationship with the healthcare team and the soft skills to be able to deal with a diverse range of patients and needs, allows you to thrive in your position and have a positive impact every day.

4. Superior Communications

To truly understand the essential needs of the patient, the doctor and the rest of your healthcare team, and share information effectively, you must have superior communication skills. From greeting patients, confirming appointments and being the go-to support for your colleagues, to the person the doctor can count on to follow up, or assist with transcription or presentations, your ability to communicate well is key. That’s what our team of industry-expert instructors are here for, to prepare you, help you navigate your questions, get you the answers required, so that from interview to landing your dream job, you’re ready.

Our administrative assistant diploma has provided the foundation for hundreds of graduates as they take their career and life to new levels. We’re here to help you get launched, as soon as you’re ready.

Learn more about the specifics of our Medical Office Administrator program and review our Complete Guide to Becoming a Medical Office Administrator. Or why not book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team, we’ll help you navigate what’s next and can even connect you with the next class!

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