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Empowering ESL Students to Succeed – Meet Two of Our Dedicated Instructors

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ESL course Anderson College

Canada welcomes over 190,000 immigrants each year, all arriving here with a dream – to better their lives and the lives of their families. Their success depends on their ability to master the English language, as they seek out careers and adapt to new communities and their new home. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors are proud to empower them to do just that.

ESL instructors specialize in helping non-English speaking people to learn formal grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of spoken and written English.

At Anderson College, our dedicated team of ESL instructors are here to guide students through the program, supporting as they learn to communicate in English with clarity and confidence, ensuring their success inside and outside of the classroom.

Amanda and Lloyd are two such instructors, deeply committed to helping Anderson College ESL students excel. Here are their stories:

Meet Amanda

ESL course Anderson CollegeFairly new to teaching ESL, Amanda’s first career was in labour relations and supply chain management. Five years ago, when she began teaching international students online, Amanda realized that she loved the idea of teaching ESL. She decided to pursue a post-graduate teaching certificate at Algonquin College, so that she could become a licensed instructor in Canada.

Since then, Amanda has been working with newcomers to Canada and with students who are training to become immigration consultants. Amanda says she loves to see her students grow and flourish and then go on to find the perfect job. Amanda also says that she continues to learn as much from her students as they do from her!

“Canada is such a young country, and we don’t have the same depth of history that older countries have. During our conversation time in class, I just love hearing my students share their stories and experiences of their favourite places in, and history of, their home countries.”

As for her advice … Amanda says that she hopes her students will find confidence in their own abilities, and in the fact that they are becoming proficient in two languages.

Meet Lloyd

ESL course Anderson CollegeOriginally planning to teach in elementary school, Lloyd changed his mind and decided on a career teaching ESL, after working in community outreach for a not-for-profit. Lloyd quickly fell in love with the profession and continues to feel inspired by working with ESL students.

One student in particular stands out for him, a grandmother who could not communicate with her grandchildren because she did not know how to speak English. But after working hard in Lloyd’s class, within four months, she was able to communicate with her loved ones in Canada.

“ESL takes dedication,” said Lloyd. “Being part of the Anderson College ESL program means dedicating yourself everyday to learning and practicing. Like anything in life, the most important thing is that consistent commitment.”

Anderson College ESL Program

Designed to prepare students for success in Canada and beyond, the Anderson College ESL program offers: beginner and intermediate English language courses; a conversation café, where students have the opportunity to practice speaking in multi-level groups who meet to discuss interesting topics in a casual and welcoming environment; and, a General Test Preparation course designed to ready students for various tests. Lessons include advanced language skills in all areas, such as: grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation.

Finally, the program offers English Language Proficiency Test Preparation for admissions to Anderson College, universities in Canada, Immigration and Citizenship applications, and Professional Licensing Requirements.

Most importantly, the Anderson College ESL Program includes passionate instructors like Amanda and Lloyd, dedicated to empowering their students as they become skilled and confident English speakers, and work to achieve their dreams.

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