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Do You Remember Me? You Held My Baby During My OSAP Application.

By July 22, 2020April 25th, 2022No Comments
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It was a regular day at the office for Megan, one of our Admissions Advisors. She had some free time in between meetings and, as she was walking towards her office, she noticed one of her colleagues meeting with a student. The student was there to complete her OSAP application – next to her was her baby in a car seat who was crying.

Megan could see that the student was struggling to focus on the meeting, as her baby was crying. As a single mother herself, Megan could relate to what this woman was going through. Since Megan was a stranger to this student, she thought that the mother may not feel comfortable accepting an offer of help. Back in her office, Megan could still hear the baby crying, and everyone around seemed distracted by it. Megan came back to see the student and her baby, at that point she could see in the eyes of his mother that she would like some help.

Megan approached her and asked if she could hold the baby. The student said yes and looked relieved that Megan had come to the rescue. Megan sat down and put the baby on her lap. She knew that playing videos on her phone could help to calm the baby, so she decided to do just that. She started interacting with him and would point out things in the video. They had a fun and loving time together, and the student could finally focus on her application.

After the meeting, she said to Megan, “I am done with my application. Thank you, thank you so much!” As the student left, Megan went back to her office and carried on with her next appointments. Time went by fast, as Megan was busy helping out other students. She forgot about this until Graduation day came.

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Megan was walking around the venue and saw a girl looking at her with a big smile on her face, Megan knew that they had met before. The girl waited until her friends were gone to talk to Megan and asked, “Do you remember me? You held my baby during my OSAP application.” Megan did not realize it was her at first because her baby was now so big! She looked at the child and he smiled back; it was as if he recognized her too. The student then said, “If you did not hold my baby that day, maybe I would not be here today.”

It was wonderful for Megan to see that this small act of kindness had such a great impact and that this student remembered her. She was glad to see her at Graduation and appreciated that she went out of her way to talk to her. Megan said to the student, “Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey”, she was so happy to be part of the student’s celebration on this special day.

Megan said: “That’s the beauty of this job, we work hard to help people. The most important thing is to sometimes take a leap of faith.” Megan helped to make a big difference for this student, seeing her successful and happy was the biggest reward.

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