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Danielle’s Inspiring Journey to Paralegal Success

By August 4, 2023No Comments

There is truly nothing more inspiring to our Anderson College team then to experience a student who enters a program, dedicates themselves to a lofty goal and transforms their vision into reality and a rewarding career.

We can be committed to ensuring our graduates are confident and in demand, and do all we can to make that so on our end, but it takes passion, hard work, and perseverance on the part of every student to leverage the knowledge and skills they gain to land the career of their dreams. And whenever we can connect with a graduate and hear precisely how they achieved all they set their mind to, it’s incredibly motivating, not just for our Anderson team but for future students.

To know that someone, just like you, was right where you are now, faced with the opportunity to take their career and life to new levels, and did it … now that’s a story worth taking to heart.

We had the opportunity to sit down with one of our Paralegal graduates and listen to her story from program launch to career success. We’re so grateful to have been a small part of her adventure and cannot wait to see where she soars next.

Danielle Kimmel’s Inspiring Journey to Paralegal Success


My name is Danielle Kimmel and I decided to join the Paralegal program and continue my education because I’ve been in the same industry for 18 years and I desperately needed a change. It’s hard to do that without re-educating.

I chose the Paralegal program because I’ve always been interested in the law. It kind of runs deep in my family, and I took an 18-year segway, so it felt natural to come back. I wanted something that could offer an intense accelerated program. This is not my first time being in post-secondary, so I felt like I could handle the challenge of doing it in one year as opposed to a longer program that other schools offered.

The admissions process was very easy, very streamlined, and the communication was fantastic. Most of the time, it was all through email, electronic, so that fit my lifestyle quite a bit because I was still working at the time.

The thing I like most about my classes is that they’re small. It allows us to get to know our instructors a little bit better, get to know each other a little bit better, and it makes the overall experience a lot more enjoyable because you really feel like you’re part of a team.

The faculty and administration staff helped me so much with the process because it had been a long time since I applied for post-secondary education and the whole system’s changed now. They were so helpful and saying, “You know it doesn’t need to be faxed in or sent via carrier pigeon anymore. We can use email.” (LOL)

Anderson has helped me achieve this dream of becoming a paralegal – being able to own my own practice by allowing me to do it, as a mom, quickly in 12 months as opposed to doing a three- or four-year undergrad.

My advice is to look at all of your options because sometimes your best opportunity isn’t necessarily in a typical four- or five-year program. Sometimes you can hit the ground running in a career making a good income for yourself a lot quicker than that. And a lot more practically too.


If you felt inspired by Danielle’s story and are looking to launch you legal career, you can click to learn more about our Paralegal program. Or if you have other interests, you can explore one of our other 30+ leading-edge programs.

When you’re ready to train and embrace the next level of your career, we can help you navigate the steps along the way. Book your virtual appointment with one of our supportive Admissions Advisors today and let’s get you started!

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