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Contest Winners & COVID-19 Updates: Anderson Bi-Weekly Connect

By November 12, 2020August 30th, 2021No Comments
anderson college bi-weekly connect

We will be sharing the following in this week’s connect, we hope you enjoy them!

    • Announcing the winners of our Anderson Proud video contest
    • Sharing some updates
    • Two short stories to brighten your day. We hope you enjoy them!

We want to hear your stories!

We are so proud of the achievements by members of the Anderson College community, so we wanted to dedicate a space in the Anderson Connect to celebrate these achievements.

This week, we would like to congratulate the winners and participants in our recent Anderson Proud video contest. We asked our student community why they are proud to be an Anderson College student and we received many wonderful responses! Please take a moment to congratulate our winners and participants below:

anderson college contest winners

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! You can check out all of the videos here. Keep an eye out for our next contest, coming soon!

If you or anyone you know within the Anderson Community would like to share your story to inspire someone else, please send us an email at We would love to hear from you!

COVID-19 Updates

Pfizer announced on Monday 9 November that early data indicates the vaccine they are working on may be up to 90 per cent effective at preventing COVID-19. While this does not mean a vaccine is imminent, Dr. Bill Gruber, Pfizer’s senior vice-president of clinical development, told The Associated Press, “We’re in a position potentially to be able to offer some hope.”

We encourage you to remain up to date with the latest COVID-19 announcements and to seek any information from reputable sources. The Public Health Agency of Canada as well as Ontario’s provincial resources provide lots of detailed updates and important information about safety measures.

We know this is a stressful time for everyone. Please remember to reach out to for any support you may need.

Short Story 1: The Sad Peacock

There was once a beautiful peacock who was dancing on a rainy day. While he was busy admiring his plumage, he began to sing. While he enjoyed singing, he did not have a nice singing voice. This unfortunately reminded him of his own shortcomings. Suddenly, he heard a nightingale singing nearby.

Listening to the nightingale’s sweet voice, his own shortcoming once again became evident. He began wondering why he was jinxed in such a manner. At that moment, the peacock’s friend Juno appeared.

“Why are you upset?” Juno asked the peacock.

The peacock complained about his rough voice and how he was sad because of it, “The nightingale has such a beautiful voice. Why don’t I?”
After listening to the peacock, Juno explained, “every living being is special in their own way. Yes, the nightingale is blessed with a beautiful voice, but you are also blessed with such beautiful plumage! The trick is acceptance and making the most of what you have.”

Moral Of The Story
Self-acceptance is the first step to happiness. Make the best of what you have, rather than being unhappy about what you don’t.

Short Story 2: The Two Gardeners

Once, there lived two neighbours who used to grow the same plants in their respective gardens. One neighbour was fussy and took extreme care of her plants. The other neighbour did what was required, but left the leaves of the plants alone to grow as they pleased.

One evening, there was a huge storm, accompanied by heavy rainfall. The storm destroyed many of the plants.

The next morning, when the fussy neighbour woke up, she found that the plants had been uprooted and destroyed. However, when the more relaxed neighbour woke up, she found that her plants were still firmly rooted in the soil, having weathered the storm.

The plant of the relaxed neighbour had learnt to do things on its own. So, it had done its bit of work, grown deep roots, and made a place for itself in the soil. Thus, it had stood firm even in the storm. However, the fussy neighbour used to do everything for the plant, thereby not teaching the plant how to be strong.

Moral Of The Story
Sooner or later, you have to let go and become independent to be able to withstand life’s challenges.

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