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Conquering COVID and Fears to Find Success in a Supply Chain & Logistics Career

By September 19, 2022No Comments
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At Anderson College, we are constantly amazed by the courage of our students, faculty, and staff. In December 2021 we ran a “My Courageous Moment” story-gathering campaign to celebrate our students, their strength, the moments that have defined their lives and the people who have motivated them to overcome and succeed.

In sharing our stories, we realize we are not alone and are often inspired to recognize, or to find, our own extraordinary courage. We hope the following story moves you, as it has our Anderson family.

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Eduardo’s Story …

At the age of 38, it was quite a difficult decision to pursue a degree while expecting and then rearing our first child, who was only few months old at that time.

I have always thought that maybe pursuing a degree while supporting my family would be a selfish act because, as a husband and a father, my family should always be first in the line of priorities. Besides that, I doubted my capabilities as it would be a new endeavor for me and considering that I would have to juggle work, night classes, along with my responsibilities. Nonetheless, I took the plunge; I enrolled and took up Logistics and Supply Chain Operations. My wife, family, and friends have always been very supportive of all the endeavors I have ever undertaken. And I have always kept in mind that when fulfilling one’s goals and dreams, sacrifices of all kinds will need to be made but, in the end, there will be so much more to gain.

“I took the plunge; I enrolled and took up Logistics and Supply Chain Operations.”

Our Story … It was a few months after the onset of the pandemic that I graduated, on September 25, 2020. During that time, living was way more difficult than usual, a daily battle against a non-apparent enemy – the virus. My family was one of those unfortunate enough to have been infected by the virus and all those days being under home quarantine took a toll on us. Every single day my mind was bombarded, thinking about how to wiggle a way out, how to make all ends meet, and at the same time, concerned with what might happen to us. And with all this happening, I didn’t suspect that there were greater and numerous opportunities waiting for me … that came like a bolt from the blue after that challenging time in our lives.

“The increased demand for goods and the changes in logistics and supply operations have been significant since face-to-face contacts were still limited.”

There have been many changes, in all aspects of living and survival, due to the pandemic. The increased demand for goods and the changes in logistics and supply operations have been significant since face-to-face contacts became limited. In considering this, I suddenly acknowledged to myself that had I not been courageous and determined enough when I was deciding to pursue this program, this opportunity. My family here and abroad in the Philippines were facing a situation it seemed they would hardly get through, I had to do something.

“Life is a balance of fear and overcoming it”, so I’ve heard said. With these lessons and realizations, I continue to embrace new opportunities, trusting my capabilities, and becoming more prudent in my decisions.

My story may have the power to break down barriers and I hope to inspire others despite any circumstances they face.

Eduardo L.

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