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Cardiology Technology Graduates Share Their Success with You!

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Cardiology Technology

It is no secret that we are infinitely proud of our EQual accredited-with-condition Cardiology Technology program. It’s 76 weeks, includes a 16-week hands-on practicum training with potential employers at our partner clinics and hospitals, and provides students with the fundamental theoretical knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a cardiology technologist.

It is one of our flagship healthcare programs, demonstrating our commitment to offering training that directly aligns with needs in the community, giving our graduates a competitive edge in career advancement. But no matter how crucial or powerful we feel this program is, no one drives home its success like the stories our students share about its impact on their lives, on their futures.

Below, we are showcasing our extraordinary Anderson College cardiology technology students – highlighting their experience and hearing directly from them. If you’re seeking out a cardiologist school and a cardiac technologist course, these graduates can offer direct insight, empowering you to make an informed decision for your future.

We are so in awe of these graduates and know they will, and are, making our healthcare teams and systems ever better!

Cardiology Technology Graduates Share Their Success with You!


Sonam S.

Sonam shares her wonderful journey to here. Having come to Toronto from India she wanted to continue her work in cardiovascular sciences and found Anderson. Without her family by her side, she felt the support of her teachers and colleagues. After graduation, she made her way to Alberta and completed her certification exam, and within one month she secured a position. Sonam shares, “I’m thankful for this course; it has given me a strong base on Canadian ground.” Hear her success story here:

Sweta S.

A doctor in India, Sweta was sure there wasn’t another field for her. She’s a medical professional at heart and chose Anderson’s CT program because it would allow her to work with patients and utilize her range of skills. She recounts the process, from inquiring and program selection to the support she received throughout. She felt every day brought something new. Sweta attributes her success to how confident she felt after the program and now works two jobs as a cardio tech. She’s loving her career and the future ahead. Hear her inspiring account here:

Vicky V.

A student of distinction and healthcare professional, who was looking to take her career to new, exceptional levels. Now Vicky is employed as a registered cardiology technologist, loves her job and feels a deep reward in being a part of a patient’s journey to health and well-being. Listen to her inspiring reflection here:

Kateryna P.

From the Ukraine, she came to Toronto and completed Anderson’s two-year program and four-month practicum and passed her certification exam in May. Kateryna is now employed full time as a cardiology technologist. Her success story here:

Salvie A.

Salvie immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in 2015. With a background in healthcare in her home country, she decided to pursue Anderson’s CT program. She’s now working full time as a cardiology technologist. Hear her account of her success here:

Tracy C.

Originally from Edmonton, Tracy came to Ontario for her undergrad degree in biology and then set her sights on a career that would allow her to be more patient oriented in the medical field. This testimonial came on her official last day of her practicum, and she’s already interviewed for and landed a job! Yea. As she says, “Everything’s good?” (Thumbs up.) Listen to Tracy here:

Maria S. P.

Marie has a medical degree from the Dominican Republic. She recounts how immigrating here was hard at first, but she had her sights on finding a way back to the medical field and Anderson College opened those doors for her. She encourages students to work hard, study hard and if you put your heart into this career, you too can do it! Her story here:

Maryam A. A.

Right out of high school, Maryam knows what she wants. She began at another college for CT but switched to Anderson because of the different teaching methods. She worked hard in the program, just wrapped up her practicum and was hired for her first position as a cardiology technologist. At the time she filmed this, she was starting her new job the next day! See it all here:

Onder S.

Having finished the Anderson College Cardiology Technology program, Onder is now working as a cardio tech. Anderson helped him find a placement, that led to a position for which, he shares, he feels so grateful for. We’re grateful Onder chose us! Listen here:

It is truly a remarkable experience listening to the stories of those who have taken a leap of faith to create a future they imagine, apply their heart and head to the work to achieve their goals and then, as a result, exceed even their own expectations. We are deeply grateful to be a small part of the adventure that these students, now graduates, have embarked on. We cannot wait to see where they soar, and how they contribute, next.

If you’re still considering your career options, why not take our “Cardiology Technologist Career Discovery Quiz” to align your interest with a program? Or explore one of our other 30+ programs.

But, if you’re ready to take that leap, we’re here to assist you every step along the way as you start your Cardiology Technology career. Book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor and let’s get you started today.

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