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Business School to Caribbean Entrepreneur – A Graduate’s Story

By January 27, 2022April 22nd, 2022No Comments
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Alexandra always knew she was destined for the business world, but as we know, the road to success is often pot-holed rather than paved, until … we find the right vehicle to take us the distance. Alexandra had no idea that her journey would lead to a place called Anderson College and then clear across the ocean.

Business acumen came to her easily, born into a family of achievers, so, naturally she looked to higher education. But the first two schools were a bust. “I dropped out of both. I hated it. The programs just weren’t for me,” Alexandra shared with us during our interview.

But giving up was not an option, so her research of business management courses continued until she came across Anderson College. “Right away, I got a phone call from Mirella, an admissions advisor. She explained everything to me. And after that phone call, I knew, this was my ticket to what I truly wanted to do.”

Her experience right out of the gate, sealed the deal. “Everyone was so friendly. That’s the first thing that I noticed. They seemed happy to be there and to be doing their job. You just felt so welcome. And getting started was so simple! Whenever I had questions, I would just email or call someone and they would answer me right away.”

And then there was that ‘something’ she’d always felt was missing, found. “The number one thing that I loved was that you had a connection with someone. At the university and college I went to, the professors didn’t even know our names. But at Anderson, people knew my name, they cared about my story; I loved being part of a community. It was an extra bonus that I got my diploma in one year!”

Beyond the camaraderie, there was the foundation of skills Alexandra would need to pursue her goals, and the challenges of learning online during COVID that she had to face.

“I really loved all my classes; the work with real-life examples and the assignments actually prepared me for the business life I would build for myself.”

Anderson College, pre-COVID, was all about hands-on training, so it’s been a transition for instructors and students alike, to navigate online learning and not loose the practical education piece. Alexandra’s experience gave us insight into how we’re fairing in the new learning environment.

“Although during COVID it’s complicated to do hands-on because everything is done through a screen, with Anderson, I felt like I was in the class, even though I physically wasn’t there. For example, our instructor would ask us to answer a question. In a classroom you would go to the board. But online we would just screenshare, share the question with the whole class and everyone would talk, communicate, and participate. Also, because they held in-person video classes, questions could be asked and answered right there on the spot.”

While Alexandra was in school, she launched into entrepreneurial life and started her own fitness business, offering personal coaching and one-on-one training online. Reflecting upon what was most valuable about what she learned with Anderson College, to fuel her ability to take school to life, she shared her insights with us.

“The management program taught me how to communicate with people, the financial and accounting programs, particularly money management, were invaluable and the regular schedule taught me discipline. Having class from nine to one every single day really benefited me; I personally love having a routine. Another really interesting area they covered was exploring personality types, your own, others and how to work with different people. This is truly beneficial in working with diverse people in the real world.”

So where is Alexandra now, and how is she applying all that she learned?

“Since graduation, I’ve continued to run my fitness business online, but I’m living in Turks and Caicos and working with a management company called Lovefeast. I’m renting out vacation rentals and managing the property. In the future, I want to start my own vacation rental management company. Studying at Anderson taught me how to be an entrepreneur and how to launch my own ideas.”

For those looking to explore business manager or management courses, as an Anderson graduate, Alexandra had some amazing insights to share. My advice to new business management students is simply to be there for every class, pay attention and do the work; the details of what you learn will come in handy. The best part about the online program is that you can literally join the class from your phone. Download the programs that you need, communicate with others in the class and if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. At Anderson, they don’t make you feel badly for asking questions, even if it’s the silliest little thing. I was always asking questions and at times felt like I was so annoying. But now, I don’t regret any of it, because the questions that I asked helped me to understand.”

With all that Alexandra has accomplished since completing her program we’re not surprised that her final comment to us was …

“The only thing I would add is, just that I’m happy that I completed the course. The time went by so fast. I remember the first day that I joined and now I’ve graduated and I’m living in the real world. And it’s like, “Wow”!

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