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The Benefits of Working as a Private Investigator

By September 23, 2015August 30th, 2021No Comments

Most people hear “private investigator” and think “Sherlock Holmes,” but many old methods of fiction’s favourite detective are now relics of the past. Today’s private investigators (or PIs) use specialized, state of the art training to secure competitive jobs in the law enforcement field. In fact, developing certain skills can lead you to a stable, rewarding, and exciting career in private investigation.

If you’re interested in becoming a private investigator, read on to learn the particular benefits of pursuing this career path.

Job Security: Private Investigation Training is in High Demand

The Canadian Occupation Projection System (COPS) predicts that by 2018, there will be a significant shortage of PI professionals for the projected number of job openings. This is due to a large number of impending retirements and the increasing demand for trained professionals in the PI field.

Industry insiders report that growing security and safety concerns throughout the country’s population are the main cause. Organizations like WikiLeaks and the hacker group Anonymous have boosted awareness of the individual and corporate need to protect identities, trade secrets, and financial assets.

Mass cyber hacks and broadened access to digitized personal information leave people feeling vulnerable and in need of safety and surveillance professionals. Therefore, careers in private investigation are currently open for the taking by those with the right private investigation training.

Choice: PIs Put Diverse Skills to Use through Specialization

Once you have earned your diploma, you may choose to specialize in a particular area of private investigation, and even become self-employed. PIs are offered a degree of flexibility in their job choices, working schedules, and more.

While some PI professionals choose a lucrative niche like counter-espionage, others work exclusively for banks and other financial institutions. Expert PIs can also find work with government agencies, lawyers or private individuals.

The most successful PIs combine their training with their own diverse interests and personalities to choose which branch of PI work best suits them.

Strong Salaries: Private Investigators Earn Competitive Compensation

A private investigating career is one path open to graduates of a police foundations program. PIs can earn a living as part of a police force, or set their own hourly rates if they choose to be self-employed.

Studies show PI salaries can range anywhere from $24,700 to $75, 970 annually, depending on expertise, experience, employer, and location.

The more experience, the higher the salary, so fast and efficient certification can truly make a difference in your bank account. Some specialized programs offer certification in just nine months, allowing students to get out and begin their careers within a year of studying—quickly getting valuable work experience under their belt.

Become a Private Investigator for Personal Fulfillment

One aspect PIs consider to be most rewarding is the sense of fulfillment that comes with carrying out justice.

PIs work to find people who have gone missing, track down sources of worrisome threats, and help solve problems that affect people in their communities. If you become a PI, you will be able to promote the personal safety of individuals in need, and reap the satisfaction and praise that comes from uncovering and stopping unlawful behaviour.

With a sense of duty and the right training, nothing can stop you from achieving a meaningful career in private investigation.

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