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Anxious to Ambitious – Amilia Achieves Her Medical-Office Career Dream

By October 10, 2023No Comments
Medical Office Administrator

In celebration of our convocation 2023, and the opportunity for us to finally be together and celebrate in person after three years, we asked our graduates to share their Anderson College experience.

Asking, “How has Anderson College changed your life?” prompted over a hundred submissions … this is one of those extraordinary student stories.

We hope this reflection moves you, as it has our Anderson family, and inspires you to ever embrace the career and life you imagine and, truly, deserve.


Choosing the Medical Office Administrator (MOA) program has significantly improved my life. Originally, I was in the social services field, so, beginning MOA was quite a change. But the program helped me to think critically. Also, being someone who struggles with anxiety, starting this program gave me new breathing ground, an opportunity to think positively, to think optimistically, and to dream. 

Certainly, no person is an island, therefore, I would not have gotten this far if it were not for my professor, Farrah Riyahi, who was tough, but for our greater good. Her words were always inspiring, and she never stopped encouraging us to do our best. She is an inspiration to me, and, I am sure, to others. Without her help, motivation, and support, I would be behind. My partner also supported me throughout this journey; there were times after experiencing an emergency c-section in December that I thought about giving up, but he was there encouraging me every step of the way.

“Anderson College has opened a door in the medical field that I have always wanted to walk through. It has opened my eyes to endless opportunities.”


As my program ends, Anderson College has made it an easy sailing one for me. I could always rely on the staff if I needed anything. For instance, a time when my computer was malfunctioning, it only took one email for me to get a computer from the school. I am amazed by the consistency. Though it was online, they managed to make it work and my professor helped with this by making sure students understood all the material. Anderson College has opened a door in the medical field that I have always wanted to walk through. It has opened my eyes to endless opportunities.

Overall, starting the MOA program at Anderson College as a mature student has given me a routine. I now have things to do, my days are no longer wasted. I have something to go to bed thinking about and to wake up with something to look forward to. This makes me feel whole, I have a purpose and a goal, and I am proud of myself. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future depends on what you do today.” I am glad I took my friend’s advice, as well as the staff at Anderson, who support me through every step along the way. They have led me this far and, once I complete my program, even further.

Amilia C.

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