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Aileen’s Complete 360 from Science Teacher to Supply Chain & Logistics Student

By May 3, 2021April 25th, 2022No Comments
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Aileen came to Canada as a temporary Elderly Care Worker on a two-year contract. When her contract ended, Aileen’s husband joined her and they applied for permanent residency. They first moved to Brampton, then to North York, and started a family. Then Aileen started looking for a job. She found work, but nothing permanent and nothing that she felt passionate about. The truth is, she didn’t really know what she wanted to do. Then the Covid pandemic happened, and suddenly she was stuck at home feeling isolated. This is when she made the decision to start researching schools and programs.

“It was always a dream of mine to come to Canada and get a diploma from a Canadian college or university,” said Aileen. Although the natural choice would have been to study in a science-related program, she wanted to challenge herself and do something completely different. A couple of her temp jobs had been in logistics, and she had found the work interesting. She did some research and discovered that qualified Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) professionals were in high-demand and work in that field was stimulating and varied.

She chose Anderson College. She liked the fact that the college had a campus in North York and offered evening courses, which was perfect because it would allow her to look after her young daughter during the day… and they had a Supply Chain and Logistics program!

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She contacted Anderson College and spoke to Ruth, one of the Admissions Advisors. “She was very helpful, answered all my questions, and recommended the Supply Chain and Logistics program based on the information I had given her,” said Aileen. “It really spoke to me and I knew right away that this was what I wanted to study.”

Aileen started the SCL diploma program in November 2020. She is currently a full-time evening student and plans to graduate in October 2021. So far, her experience has been positive, even though most of her courses have been done online due to COVID restrictions. She hopes that she will get the opportunity to learn in the classroom before she finishes her diploma but is grateful for her daily virtual interactions with her instructors and with the other students in the class, and for the support they give each other during these difficult times.

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Since she started at Anderson College, Aileen has been incredibly pleased with the education she’s getting and with her instructors. “All of them are industry professionals who share their experience with us”, she said. “They’re also always available to help with homework and to answer questions even after school hours. It’s great.” Aileen was also impressed with the level of technical support provided by the college and all the seminars offered to help students get set up for online learning and ensure that everything ran smoothly.

She’s also very enthusiastic about her courses. She didn’t know much about business before she started and feels that she has already learned so much about the different aspects of supply chain and logistics, from strategic sourcing and procurement to negotiation. “The SCL diploma program made me realize that a job in logistics goes beyond the storage of goods,” she said. “It’s also about developing the types of skills that will lead you to many different jobs and that can be used in all kinds of contexts.”

Another reason why Aileen chose Anderson College was the on-the-job training program. She hasn’t started her 16-week practicum yet, but she is working with the Advisors at the college and doing her own research to find potential employers. “Although there is nothing confirmed yet, I already have several leads”, she said. “I’m a 100% confident that I will find something.”

Aileen’s decision to study Supply Chain and Logistics gave her the confidence to set goals for herself and to achieve them. “Studying SCL is a complete 360 for me but I love it!” she said. “It showed me that there is no reason to be scared of trying new things.” Is this the kind of advice she would give to students considering going back to school to start a new career? “Absolutely,” she said. “That, and to be persistent and open-minded.”

After she gets her Supply Chain and Logistics diploma from Anderson College, Aileen plans to pursue graduate studies in Business and Logistics and maybe combine her new skills with her passion for science and pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Good luck Aileen! We have no doubt you can do it!

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