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Advance Your IT Career Beyond the Help Desk

By March 23, 2022May 24th, 2023No Comments
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Opportunities for IT professionals are ever-expanding as the world of technology is perpetually evolving. If you’re new to the industry, have just wrapped up your IT courses or computer training courses, landing a job at a help desk is a stellar way to build a foundation for your career. Providing technical support, from answering customer questions to providing maintenance for a company’s computer networks, or even training the team on new tech, will give you a wide range of experience. You want to begin at the help desk, glean from your experience, but you don’t want to live there, rather use it as a launching off point.

While IT jobs are abundant, advancement is competitive and those who plan to get ahead, have a better shot at the lucrative and rewarding positions. We thought a quick rundown of what you’ll need to focus on to catapult your IT career to the next level, may fuel you on your way to success.

1. Explore Your Options & Set Your Goals – Use your time working at the help desk to get a feel for the different areas you could eventually choose to focus on. And then make a conscious effort to survey and track what speaks to you. There are a variety of positions available for those who are trained. Explore options like these … ( Once you know where you’d like to land in the industry, set a course for getting there. Track your learning as you go, the tickets you respond to and the experience you’re gaining along the way. This is when you build an IT portfolio of sorts so that one day, when you approach HR or your next boss you can show precisely how what you’ve learned ties into the career you’re focused on building.

2. Develop Your Technical Skills – First and foremost, if you looking to advance your career in technology, your understanding of current and relevant tech info is key. Whatever area you are passionate about, focus on developing skills in that area. If you can’t get that experience while working at the help desk, then use time outside of work to beef up your skills. When the time comes, you’ll want to demonstrate your enthusiasm and determination to gain the skills that will help clients and support your team.

3. Build Your Network – Although technical info gleaned from taking IT diploma courses, or networking courses, is fundamental to your job, to succeed at a higher level you’ll need to use your time on the help desk to get connected. You need to demonstrate that you’re a team player, and in supporting your colleagues, you’ll develop relationships that could lead to an advancement in position or a recommendation for that dream job. Who you know is as essential as what you know, and sets you apart in an industry where not all IT professionals feel comfortable cultivating that skillset.

4. Hone Your Soft Skills – While AI could potentially replace much of what an IT professional provides technically, it can’t replace the soft skills that a dedicated human can (yet, and hopefully never). Being able to collaborate with colleagues, manage your time effectively, adapt to situations that arise and creatively problem solve, as well as having the ability to pitch your ideas and persuade others to support you, are all fundament soft skills that soaring professionals have honed.

5. Select Training That Supports Success – To achieve your career goals you need to ensure you’re selecting network courses or computer courses online or in person, that provide you with the knowledge and skills training specific to your focus and hands-on experience to apply what you’ve learned within a real-world environment. A TDK article hits this home, “… IT professionals should focus on the training behind the education and ask the question “will this training translate into real world experience?” At the end of the day, employers want to know how knowledge and skills gained through education will be translated into on-the-job-success.” You want to graduate from a program that is taught by industry experts, connects you to relevant work experience with potential employers, has a stellar reputation and paves the way for #6.

6. Certify to Stand Out – You also want to select a training program that offers you a direct pathway to certification and then you want to take it. There is no better way to show you’re serious about your career and the commitment you’re willing to make than becoming certified. At Anderson College we understand how essential that is for serious professionals. Our Advanced Diploma in Cisco and Red Hat Engineering prepares you with the knowledge and training to confidently pursue a number of certifications recognized within the job market. The following certification vouchers are included in the program:

  • One CCNA Voucher
  • Two CCNP Vouchers
  • One ITIL Voucher
  • Two Red Hat Vouchers (RHCSA & RHCE)

There is no limit to where you can take your IT career. With planning and support from those who have an inside track on the steps you need to take, you’ll be well on your way to landing that dream job.

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