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A Short Story & Video To Brighten Your Day! Anderson Bi-Weekly Connect

By October 15, 2020April 24th, 2023No Comments
anderson college bi-weekly connect

This week we will be sharing a welcome message to our new students, celebrating the success of our Anderson Community, some updates as well as a short story and a video to brighten your day. We hope you enjoy them!

Welcome to our new students!

For those who are new to the Anderson College family, welcome! It is truly wonderful to have you with us, we’re so excited to be part of your learning journey.

For those of you who are not aware, you can request two free cloth masks to keep you and your loved ones safe.

To claim your free masks, please visit this link and fill in the form, we will then send you the masks within 2 weeks from receiving your request. Please remember to wash the masks before using them.

anderson college face masks

We want to hear your stories!

We are so proud of the achievements by members of Anderson College community, so we wanted to dedicate a space in the Anderson Connect to celebrate these achievements.

This week we would like to share an amazing Anderson story with you.

Ana Vanessa, a student at our North York campus, shares her story of how she has overcome some extremely difficult challenges in order to pass her exams and leave for her practicum. You can read Ana Vanessa’s inspirational story here.

If you or anyone you know within the Anderson Community would like to share your story to inspire someone else, please send us an email at We would love to hear from you!

Beware of scams

We must be aware of potential scams, especially in trying times like we are facing now.

We have been made aware of a scam whereby a caller makes contact and noted you may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19. They then ask for your mailing address and credit card information so you can pay for a testing kit to be sent to you.

Please never give your credit card details over the phone and remain vigilant regarding potential scams. The Anti-Fraud Centre provides a lot of useful information on the topic of scams.

There are many testing locations across Ontario if you need to get tested. Please visit this link to find your closest testing location.
As of Tuesday, October 6, you will need an appointment to get a test at all assessment centres and select pharmacies. Contact the assessment centre or pharmacy to book your test.

National Student Loans Service Centre

If you are currently receiving OSAP funding, you will find this useful.

The National Student Loans Service Centre is now on YouTube! Check out their channel for more information on the support they can offer throughout their student loan experience.

Short Story – The Monkey and the Apples

There once lived a free-spirited monkey in a beautiful jungle. He spent his days wandering the jungle, climbing trees, eating delicious fruit and resting. One day he came very close to the nearby village. He looked inside a house in the village and saw a bowl of beautiful red apples. He couldn’t resist and so he grabbed one apple in each hand and ran back into the forest.

He sniffed the apples, but they didn’t smell of anything. He tried to eat them, but he hurt his teeth. The apples were made of wood. When the other monkeys saw the beautiful apples, he held onto them even tighter to keep them safe.

He proudly admired his new possessions as he wandered through the jungle. The wooden apples glistened red in the sun, and seemed perfect to him. He was so enticed by them, that he even forgot about his hunger.

He was walking near a fruit tree when the smell of the ripe fruit reminded him of his hunger. He wanted to grab a ripe banana, but he had his hands full with the apples. He couldn’t reach for the bananas without first letting go of the wooden apples. He was too afraid to lose the apples as he was very proud of them, but he was becoming less happy as he continued to walk along the forest trails.

The longer he held the apples, the heavier they began to feel. The monkey thought that letting go of such valuable things was a bad idea.
The poor monkey was unhappy. He was exhausted, hungry, and he couldn’t climb trees or collect fruit with his hands full. The more he looked at the fruit in the jungle, the more hungry he became. He finally gave up and dropped the wooden apples and grabbed some fresh fruit to eat. He was happy again.

The moral of the story is that we sometimes carry things that seem too valuable to let go, such as wealth, status and possessions. We must instead remember to enjoy love, compassion, friends and family as these are the most important things in life.


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