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A Second Chance to Serve Humanity Inspired Her to Become a PSW

By June 23, 2021August 19th, 2022No Comments
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As we all have, Anderson College students have faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to focus on the triumphs and celebrate the courage and tenacity of our community, we launched a My2020 Story Campaign. Students were asked a few poignant questions to spark the sharing of their experiences and insights. The response was overwhelming, and in the process, we have been blown away by their authentic sharing and inspired by the powerful lessons they have learned. We are grateful to all those who contributed and are richer for having you in our Anderson family.

Here is one such story, for you …

In March 2020, my family took the opportunity to relocate to Canada from Lagos, Nigeria. The last two years were difficult for us, l had to leave my job while pregnant, and I chose to focus on building an existing family business to provide for my family. l was sick every day, but l just kept trying and I never gave up.

With everything happening this year as a result of the Coronavirus, l am deeply moved by how the health care workers have toiled day and night during the pandemic, and how they have chosen to leave their loved ones to care for the sick and dying. I also watched in the news how people could no longer visit their elderly at the care homes, how the most vulnerable, the children and the seniors, who ought to be having fun in their lives, had to mostly remain indoors. It’s so strange how we can’t even have a usual cold or cough without being asked to get tested for COVID.

“l decided to use that attribute in the service of humanity. This inspired my decision to study to be a Personal Support Worker at Anderson College.”

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l came here from my country as a Banker not knowing what to do with myself next. I am a mother of 3 little girls and have spent the past number of months asking myself how I can be useful in this beautiful country, my new home that has given me a second chance to start afresh.

One day I realized that l truly care about others, and want to help. So, l decided to use that attribute in the service of humanity. This inspired my decision to study to be a Personal Support Worker at Anderson College. Because we’d just moved to Canada, l could not afford tuition for school. l decided to research my financial options. There were options. There has been support. And now, three months into my program, l am excited for what the future holds.

I hope my story inspires those who, like me, have their hands full and feel just too overwhelmed to look inward to finding something to share and need to be reminded of their strength, and those who have no financial support and are scared to ask for help, to remember there is help.

Ogechi A.

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