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A Complete Guide to Landing Your Dream Job in Supply Chain and Logistics!

By December 18, 2023No Comments
Supply Chain and Logistics

While setting yourself up for success in any field can seem daunting, as experts in the field of education, we can confidently say there is indeed a formula for increasing the odds. If you’ve set your sights on supply chain management programs and supply chain management certification, then this powerhouse post is for you!

A career in this field will have you poised for opportunity; it’s lucrative, adaptable to a variety of interests and provides a service that is essential for business and the economy in Canada and across the globe. To gain the competitive edge, so you have your pick of jobs, here’s precisely what you need to know.

Your Complete Guide to Landing Your Supply Chain and Logistics Dream Job!


1. Research and Align Your Interests

  • First and foremost, you need to know if this is the industry for you. Here are some resources to dive into to discover what’s right for you.
  • If you’re still determining if this business stream is for you, take our “Career Discovery Quiz” and see if this fits your focus.
    Learn about the industry so you can get a feel for the kind of role you’ll play and position you desire. Check out these two posts for all you need to know:

2. Select Leading-Edge Training and Get CIFFA Certified

The quality of your supply chain and logistics training matters! Select a leading-edge college and program, one that has industry experts providing instruction, paves the way for certification and has a track record for producing graduates who are in demand.

This is the foundation of your success.

You will need a program that introduces you to the modern practices and concepts of logistics and supply chain management as a vital part of corporate success in the local and global marketplace. You should walk away with professional competencies needed for entry-level careers in purchasing, logistics and supply chain management in various industries.

At Anderson College, we understand that you not only require the skills and training to engage in planning and decision-making processes related to sourcing, supplier selection, purchasing, transportation, warehousing, inventory management, quality assurance and disposition of goods and materials, but you need to be set up for certification. Anderson graduates are eligible to receive the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) certification, gain membership to the Supply Chain Management Association. Possessing these credentials absolutely sets you apart from other job seekers.

3. Gain Experience

Beyond the theoretical knowledge required, as a student you need to have the opportunity to take what you’ve learned and practically apply it in a work setting to test your skills.

According to our Anderson students, this makes all the difference in preparing them for the workplace. They head into their 16-week practicum curious, and wrap up with the confidence to pursue a position aligned with their passion, interests, and proven skillset.

Check out this student success story that gives you an inside look into the program and the importance of the practicum for success.

4. Hone Your Skills and Traits

There are specific ways that you can prepare yourself for aligning with and manifesting your dream job. Honing your abilities in areas reported by industry leaders to be essential for those in the field, is a powerful way to get noticed. Here’s your comprehensive breakdown on those areas to bolster to blow away the competition.

5. Create a Solid Self-Brand and Resume to Garner Attention

Now you’ve nailed your supply chain management courses, and you’re looking down the pipeline of potential jobs. You may be set and ready to rock that cover letter and resume with a brand that will catch the eye and land the job, or you may need some support in this area. At Anderson College, we recognize this is a crucial step for the success-endgame. So, we’ve got a team of career services professionals at the ready, to get you ready!

Here are some blogs to get you in the know, but as a part of our Anderson family, we’ll walk you through from set up to job landing. (And, incidentally, our services are available to our grads for life.)

6. Be Patient, Start Small and Smart to Go Big

You may not be in the lead right out of the gate. Be patient with yourself. This is a detailed industry with myriad elements to familiarize yourself with and people to network with. Understand this and start small, be curious, ask questions, learn all you can about your niche and then apply it all, and connect with leaders until you become one yourself.

You’ve got this. And, if we’re fortunate enough to be on the educational journey with you, then we’ve got you too!

If you’re ready to make the leap into your Supply Chain and Logistics program and career, we’re here to help you navigate every step along the way. Book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team and let’s get you launched, shall we?

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