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A Career in Demand – Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Your Future

By September 9, 2021August 18th, 2022No Comments

As the baby boomer generation ages, technology advances to detect and treat ailments and save lives, and the medical industry continues to expand and thrive, so too do career opportunities.

For the ambitious, compassionate and science-and-tech-savvy, diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) is a field that is both meaningful and lucrative, and positions as DMS professionals (or ultrasound technologists) are in high demand.

And the best news of all?

Hands-on training with industry experts in state-of-the-art labs, practicums allowing you to apply your skills, all happen in just 2 years, preparing you for the Canadian and American Registry exams.

Why is DMS in demand?

Diagnostic ultrasound and similar non-invasive tests are less disruptive to the patient and less expensive. It can also be used as a guide, or like an extension of a physician’s eyes in places otherwise difficult to view.

Diagnostically, it can be used to scan and assess issues with the female and male reproductive, and musculoskeletal, systems and for breast examination.

Why stellar DMS professionals are sought after?

Obviously, medical, technical, and scientific skills are required for this career. But beyond that, and more importantly, this is a field for those who possess the soft skills to deal with patients in worry or crisis, the adaptability to continually evolve professionally and exceptional communication skills to effectively contribute and serve as a medical sonographer.

What are the rewards?

With a job prospect rating of “Good”, the highest rating offered by Job Bank, this career offers stability and growth potential, particularly as you evolve and specialize as a professional in the industry.

Where do you begin?

With a program that checks off your list of most essential attributes, at a college with a reputation for excellence.

Check List:

  • Expert, senior instructors with relevant knowledge, clinical experience and industry contacts
  • State-of-the-art scan labs with the latest in ultrasound technology and high-fidelity simulators
  • A program that provides the didactic, laboratory and clinical education and experience necessary to meet the Sonography Canada examination requirements, in keeping with their latest profile (6.0)
  • *Bonus – not just a practicum, but an extended practicum, two of them, each lasting 16 weeks so you can take all your skills out to test in the real world

Take the “Medical Professional Career Discovery Quiz”

And last, but not least, a team of professionals who can walk you through what you need to know about the academic and non-academic requirements and how to apply for an in-demand program with limited seating. Our Admissions Advisors are on standby, waiting to help you.

Your career as a diagnostic medical sonographer, your future, is waiting to be explored. Connect today.

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