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A Career Choice to Put You on Top – Accounting & Payroll Lead-Edge Benefits

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Considered one of the top fifteen job choices in Canada, a career in accounting and payroll can provide limitless career options and advancement opportunities, exceptional benefits, and the job security we all crave.

Accountants are the financial record-keepers for companies, helping businesses keep track of their money, while payroll administrators make sure that employees get paid. Both professions have a great deal of responsibility, with a say in important company decisions and a mandate to lead day-to-day operations, planning, analysis and strategy. In fact, it is often the accountant’s vision for the future that gets implemented in company strategies.

Combining classroom work with hands-on experience, the Anderson College Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma allows students to develop the skills and confidence needed for a successful career in accounting and payroll administration.

Your Future in Accounting and Payroll

Here are some of the top reasons a future career in accounting or payroll may be the choice for you:

Crosses Industries

All businesses across all industries need to ensure that employees are paid on time. This means that those who choose a career in payroll or accounting have a wide array of choices when it comes to selecting the kind of company or industry to work for. As an accountant you can go anywhere, from small and non-profit to government, educational institutions, huge multinational corporations. There is certainly no shortage of variety when it comes to this career.

In High Demand

No matter how the economy is doing, or what part of the world you live in, there will always be a demand for accountants. Governments, businesses, not-for-profits – they all need accountants and bookkeepers to help them file taxes, pay employees, manage budgets, complete audits, and do financial reporting. That kind of stability allows one to plan for the future with a certain degree of confidence.

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Career Growth

Accountants and payroll employees have great options for growing their careers – either vertically within a chosen organization, or horizontally into a new business venture. A career in accounting and payroll also allows for those who are entrepreneurial to start their own business!

Work-Life Balance

Payroll and accounting careers can often provide flexibility for those seeking a good balance between work and home life. In today’s work environment, payroll is usually completed with the help of specialized software, making remote work easy to achieve.

Challenging and Rewarding

For students who are ambitious and want a sense of satisfaction, accounting can offer interesting and rewarding challenges, with stimulating projects, cross-collaboration, communication with colleagues and the option to switch quickly between tasks – all as part of a regular workday.

A Certified Career

A career in payroll can be incredibly rewarding – and becoming a certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) offers the knowledge necessary to keeping organizations compliant throughout payroll cycles. A PCP also means the possibility of a higher starting salary and future advancement.

At Anderson College our Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma Program effectively prepares students to pursue PCP certification through the Canadian Payroll Association. Participating in real-world projects that develop your practical knowledge of established procedures, regulatory requirements, and corporate policies, the Anderson College program prepares you for future career responsibilities including calculating, preparing and distributing wages, calculating overtime, managing government remittances, and preparing operating budgets, invoices, payments and reports.

A career in accounting and payroll administration offers stability and the option to work in-house, in an accounting firm or in your own practice. A well-paid career choice, accounting and payroll administration jobs also offer flexibility, and ease of work hours.

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