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7 Stellar Reasons to Launch into an IT Career

By August 10, 2022May 24th, 2023No Comments
IT Career

If you’re jazzed about the latest tech, are looking for a career that both challenges and ensures you have in-demand skills, are fired-up about having a flexible, stable-even-lucrative life, this article is for you. Whether you’re in an IT program or taking IT training courses and are looking for a boost of inspiration or are seeking out reasons to align your interests with an IT diploma online or IT networking courses, you need to know your ‘why’.

Here are 7 Stellar Reasons for Launching into a Career in Information Technology


1. Automatically In Demand

Upon graduation you’re a hot commodity. Sure, you’ll need to begin from the ground up. But you’re only as limited as your ability to dream, work hard and adapt to the demands of an industry that is always in growth, upgrade and expansion mode.

2. Diverse Career Options

You might ask yourself what organization doesn’t need an IT expert? A wide variety of companies recognize tech-savvy and safe are often synonymous with success and tech overlaps with numerous industry sectors. The world needs experts in the cyber language of today, in its various forms, networks and ways, and with this comes an enormous opportunity for those looking for a career that expands in opportunity as you determine your specific skillset and employment goals.

3. Skills and Job Expansion

Technology is inexhaustibly expanding, advancing, and enriching the lives we live and the way we do business. If you have a hunger for knowledge and want a career that will perpetually challenge you in mind and skill, then this is for you. From general IT knowledge to specialized certifications, you can continually upgrade the savvy you bring to your employer, your team and/or your client base. You can follow the tech advancement developed by others or be on the leading edge of innovation yourself.

4. Fantastic Flexibility

You can work alongside a team or fly solo. You can engage in conversations and customer service, or you can suit your solitary ways with a job behind the scenes. You can pick a 9 to 5 or follow your creative calling at any hour of the day. Because the very nature of tech is online, there is infinite flexibility in how you deliver your expertise. You can have the elusive work-life balance that others crave.

5. Pay That Grows with You

From stability to rolling in cash, this is a career with huge potential for stability and specialized pay. With a salary or per hour rate in direct proportion to the expertise you offer, you can set your financial goals and build a career to meet those visions, with effort, but with relative ease.

6. Awesome Leaping Off Point

You can commit your life to IT or use it as a leaping off point to other opportunities. If you understand how tech ticks, and you decide sales or business management (or other) is your ‘thing’, you have the base knowledge to leverage for even greater success. You can network from the ground level, explore your options, get creative and design a career based on the foundation an in-demand job track affords you.

7. Fast-Track, In Depth, Education

We’re not talking 7 years of med school, or law school, with huge student loan debt and a fear of ever straying from the investment made in one career track. You can align yourself with a college and a program that offers instruction from industry experts, connects you to potential employers and balances theoretical and hands-on training and be career ready in months. You just need to decide what you want to focus on and find the right IT fit for you.

Whether you’re new to Canada and looking to launch into the work force or are setting your sights on a rewarding first, or second career, we’re here to help. If you’re still exploring how you can align your passions with your purpose, why not take the “Anderson College Training Readiness Quiz”?

Or, if you’re ready to find your IT program fit, here are some options for you to explore. And at any time, our team is here to help you understand your options in IT or with any one of our 30+ program. Book a virtual appointment with our admissions team today!

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