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7 Skills to Master for Success as a Pharmacy Assistant

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Pharmacy Assistant

Exploring a way to enter a thriving field within the healthcare industry? Do you have a genuine desire to enrich the lives of patients and support their well-being day to day? If you’re considering pharmacy assistant programs, pharmacy training courses, then understanding both the technical and practical skills you will require to gain the competitive edge is a must.

7 Skills to Master to Succeed as a Pharmacy Assistant


1. Stellar Communication

Every day you will interact with patients and customers who need your expertise, guidance, and compassionate consideration. People are often coming to you when they’re feeling vulnerable and concerned for their health. Pharmacy assistant classes will teach you what you need to know technically, but you need to apply that knowledge in practical terms to positively serve others.

You must:

  • Be able explain technical terms in a manner than can be understood,
  • Ensure customers are clear on the details of their medications and instructions,
  • Be able to adapt your communication style to address the needs of a diverse range of clients.

These abilities will allow you to build trust and will go a long way to bolstering your career and enjoying it all along the way.

2. Technical Savvy

Computers drive this industry and being proficient at, and comfortable with, the software programs that store customer data, allow you to receive prescriptions, track and access inventory information and insurance details is a must. The smooth operation of customer and pharmacy related data depends on your ability to work easily with computer systems. Any leading-edge pharmacy assistant school will empower you with the know-how, but having a propensity for working with technology, and an interest in constantly upgrading these skills to meet evolving demands and advancements, will help you succeed in your career.

3. Math Ability

Don’t worry, even if mathematics isn’t your strong suit when you first start out this is an area you will grow within. You will learn the math that directly applies to your position, understanding various units of measurement, including fractions and percentages. You will learn to perform calculations that assist you in filling prescriptions, maintaining records and billing customers. Showing up with a desire to learn is all you need as you embrace this essential skillset.

4. Uncannily Organized

This is an essential skillset and should come naturally to you. Stocking shelves, updating and refilling stock, labelling bottles, keeping information updated in the computer, and having your finger on the inventory pulse of your pharmacy is essential when dealing with medications.

5. Detail Driven

Again, this should be a skill you possess but will hone to the specifics of the pharmacy industry. Accuracy when it comes to handling and processing medications, paying close attention to medicine type and dosage, ensure customers are getting precisely what’s been prescribed by their doctor. Mistakes could result in harm, so this area of skill needs to be solid.

6. Master Problem Solver

This is the foundation of success for you in this role. An ability to assess what needs to be addressed, solving problems creatively, dealing with conflicts and finding resolution when it comes to handling customers and colleagues requires emotional intelligence and maturity. Handling these situations in a calm, confident and professional manner will set the tone for the kind of pharmacy assistant you are and empower you to truly thrive in this career.

7. True Team Player

You are part of a healthcare team, each with a valuable role to play in customer care. Being able to follow directions, anticipate the needs of the pharmacist, and collaborate with those team members who will help you best prepare and deliver the prescriptions and service your clients deserve will go a long way to not only job satisfaction, but being recognized as someone your team members love to work with.

From interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and technical abilities to providing outstanding customer care, a career as a pharmacy assistant supports and stretches you to become your best self. Your dedication to honing these abilities and consistently seeking out areas in which you can grow will ensure you are contributing to the smooth operation of the pharmacy and impacting the well-being of your patients and customers everyday.

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