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7 Reasons to Attend Film and Video Production School

By November 30, 2022No Comments
Film and Video Production School

If you dream about applying your artistic expression and flair to the study of filmmaking or to learn video production, you have countless educational options. But the benefits of attending a college for film production are second to none, and with the advancement in digital technology, video editing software, and film production programs taught by industry leaders, your vision to pursue a career in this exciting field can be made real.

“So, for what reason would I learn film making and take video production classes within a college that specializes in this training?” you may ask.

We’ll give you seven.

7 Reasons to Attend Film and Video Production School


1. Film and Video Wizards Guide You

The best way to absorb information and understand how an industry truly works, practically, creatively, professionally, and to know how to best launch your innate talent and learned skills into the world, is to glean from those who’ve been there, done that. At Anderson College, you’re learning from those who have experience, work with the latest technology, software, and equipment, and have their finger on the pulse.

2. Leading-Edge Tech, Software and Equipment

You could learn film making solo, invest in the latest tech and watch endless YouTube videos to guide your learning, or you could skip that and come to us. Learning the art of film and video production using the most up to date and sophisticated software, technology, professional cameras, and film equipment allows you to hone your skills and find your niche without breaking the bank.

3. Time to Learn Before Learning to Fly

If you went it alone, you could hit Spielberg or Scorsese status eventually, by trail and error. But in film school you have the time to learn, tap your creative juices, test your skills, falter, and begin again, time and time again without the watchful eye of the industry, or your employer on you. You can apply, practice and master your skills, with an Anderson College team to help educate, support and cheer you on your way.

4. Discover Your Niche

With guided instruction, the latest tech and time you’re able to take many roles out for a spin and find where there’s a fit. In our Anderson College Film and Video Production program you will study the skills it takes to be a writer, photographer, graphic designer, video director, events producer, communications specialist and more. You’ll master your craft for myriad platforms from multimedia, social media and digital marketing to advertising. Upon graduation you’ll have a keen idea as to where you want to focus your talents and new career.

5. Affirmation of Ambitions and Finding Your Tribe

Choosing to explore our creative ambitions as a viable career path can seem crazy. In attending film school, you affirm your role in the community of film makers, you come to realize it is possible to follow this path to fame, or at least to a paycheque and building a life you love. Being around those who’ve made it, who are committed to empowering you to work in the industry and help you launch your success, feels fantastic. And this opens doors you dream of walking through.

6. Access to Professional Networks

Speaking of doors, attending a film school allows you access to professionals in the field and their contacts, when your talents blend with your skills and you’re ready to leap into the creative world. At Anderson College, from our industry-expert instructors to staff and the career services team, you are never alone as you look to launching your dream. We’re here to assist you every step along the way. Your success is our success. Even just knowing this can somehow give you wings.

7. Credentials and Credibility

You don’t need a diploma to apply your passion to your craft, but to get a paying gig having credentials from a leading-edge school gives you the leading-edge in the job market. Our 50-week program includes 80 hours of practicum, on-the-job with potential employers. By the time you graduate you’ll be poised and connected, ready to embrace the extraordinary life path you’ve chosen.

Now all you need to do is decide. If you’re still determining whether this career choice is for you take the “Anderson College Film and Video Production Career Discovery Quiz”

If you’re ready to start your Film and Video Production career, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team to join the next class!

Your Oscar awaits.

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