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7 Qualities to Empower Your Success in Business Management

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Business Management

Respect in the workplace, feeling valued and appreciated for a job well done and team members who encourage and inspire and communicate effectively and compassionately, these are the characteristics of the workplace employees look for today.

Whether you’re exploring business studies online or attending business college, to obtain your business management degree, or even taking a business course, you will delve into what kind of climate ensures workers and clients thrive. To be competitive in the market as you pursue that ideal position you need to understand precisely what drives that success for business managers.

7 Qualities That Will Empower You to Succeed as a Business Manager


1. Impeccable Integrity

The key to building trust with those you work with, work for, and serve is to build a reputation for consistently following through on what you say you will do, and acting honestly, ethically, and inclusively. Holding yourself to a high standard and backing up your words with action set a powerful example in the workplace. As an employee just starting out, this will catch the eye of those in a position to help you advance; if you’re in a leadership role, this will go a long way to inspire your employees to want to use your work ethic as an example for their own and will keep them loyal to your organization.

2. Real Respect

Treating others with the utmost respect, honouring the opinions of others, asking questions to clarify, dealing with challenges systematically, fairly and in private, and setting clear expectations and speaking with kindness, all go a long way in setting the standard for an extraordinary workplace environment. To make this effective, it must be real, beyond lip service to consistent implementation.

3. Effective Communication

This includes everything from active listening, to communicating from a place of professionalism with respect. This means that your language is conscious, your intentions are clear, you think before you speak, you let people know that you are open to feedback and input and will take their ideas and concerns into consideration and determine an outcome that honours and respects all, and then do it.

4. Empowering Encouragement

Businesses that encourage creativity, without fear of reprimand for mistakes, cultivating a culture of “try and learn and try again”, thrive. Recognizing where your employees’ goals, talents and passions lie will enable you to know how best to support, to empower them with training, modeling, and mentoring. Employees who feel they are being truly seen and heard and inspired to enhance their skills and grow within the company are more likely to remain in your employ.

5. Continual Self Improvement

Just as mentioned above, setting an example is everything and if you are committed to perpetual growth and advancing your skills, this will be the standard for your employees. Keeping up to speed on the latest industry trends, leadership styles, and business strategies for offering the best to employees and clients are the marks of life-long leaders and the most powerful of business managers.

6. Amazing Adaptability

You believe you know what works; you’ve studied and tapped the latest research and trends and it seems to be working exceedingly well, until … it isn’t. Powerful business leaders are not attached to what they believe works, but what actually works and if the effectiveness of a strategy is waning, then they quickly adapt. To shine in your role, you need to have your finger on the pulse, allow others to lead in their own right, encourage that stellar communication and let them know that should they need your support you’re willing to brainstorm solutions to challenges and help them implement new and creative ideas. In this way you will be building a whole team of creative, adaptable leaders.

7. Accountability Always

The aim isn’t perfection, it’s improvement and to improve you have to risk and you have to encourage your team to take risks too. When mistakes happen, as they will, the buck stops with you, and as their manager, you see where you could have assisted or led better, and you take responsibility for how you can more effectively support in future. Even if you didn’t initiate the idea or were even involved, as a manager with integrity you take responsibility for the team and together you rise to new levels.

Powerful managers who truly inspire are those always looking to take themselves, their team, and the company to new levels of extraordinary. If you feel a buzz when you consider this aim and see yourself able to cultivate these qualities within yourself … then you may just be ready to soar in this field.

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