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7 Proven Time-Management Strategies to Empower Office/Small Biz Administrators

By October 12, 2023No Comments
Office/Small Biz Administrators

The pace at which office and small business administrators work is mind boggling and their efficiency at wizardry behind the scenes is often what keeps an organization thriving. This is not by accident. A business management class or getting your diploma in business management will undoubtedly hit this home, but before you launch career training, it’s essential for you to know what you’re in for and what you need to hone to succeed.

Utilizing tried and true tools to subdue stress and step up productivity, can go a long way to creating greater flow and ease in your workplace and in your life.

Along with all you’ll glean from business management college, this is the inside scoop on mastering, even wielding, time and wowing colleagues and clients, day to day.

7 Proven Strategies for Stepping Up Your Game in the Office as an Administrator


Seemingly simple, these tasks, tools and insights applied systematically, daily, to your routine can shift you from reactive to proactive and power up your capacity and delivery on all levels.

1. Set the Stage

Begin at the beginning, by reviewing all the items, tasks, responsibilities, and appointments of the day you need to consider. Lay it all out before you. Review each one in the light of importance.

2. Rate and Prioritize

Now that you see all that is required, recognizing there will be much more that will fly in from the sidelines unexpectedly, pause and reflect on how urgent/necessary each task is. Prioritize time allotment and time spent accordingly, leaving room for space between.

3. Schedule Consciously, Include Power Breaks

To do our jobs effectively and efficiently overtime, without burning out before our time, we need to consider the personal as well as the professional. Taking care of our mental and physical health, enhances our productivity over the long haul. Schedule breaks between tasks. Take the time to get up and move, do jumping jacks, stretch, clear your mind and your plate for a moment before leaping in to ‘what’s next’. All we know about sedentary lifestyle and stress build-up when we don’t care for self between the busy, needs to be consciously applied to our routines.

4. Implement Reminders

Don’t rely solely on your schedule, set reminders. This is particularly important for anything, ‘break’ related. We won’t miss that meeting with our partner or stellar client, but when timing gets tights, usually the first things to be sacrificed are the very things that will allow us to burn our candle longer (hopefully still only from one end). Set alarms on your phone, to an uplifting tune, and don’t click the stop button until you’ve begun to embrace the priority you’ve set out.

5. Tackle Tasks in Bursts Rather Than Juggling

While multitask-juggling is impressive, now we’re learning that beyond this, and to sustain our well-being, we need to focus on tackling one task at a time. For many, using bursts of energy to hone in on a single project and see it through to completion and then taking a break (mentally and physically) to recharge, is more effective. This can enhance productivity and keeps sick days at bay.

6. Delegate and Empower Effectively

Holding tightly to all the reigns, puts undo pressure on the driver and leads to disillusioned team members who don’t contribute because they can’t, or won’t, compete. Micromanaging disempowers; delegating, mentoring, and trusting colleagues to assist and shine, adds to your overall success, certainly bolsters team dynamics and, ultimately, leads to enhancing the company as a whole.

7. Create Spaces to Support Success

You are only as effective as the spaces you inhabit and keep efficiently organized. “As within so without, and visa versa,” as they say. As an office or small business administrator, keeping a tidy space allows you to quickly access files, records and information and it communicates to others that you are professional and on top of your workload. And if you’re looking toward promotion it says, “I’m so savvy with what I’ve got on the go, I’m more than ready for more responsibility.”

Master these and you’re ready to take on the world of business, head on, and to soar!

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