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7 Powerful Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Medical Laboratory Technician

By June 19, 2024No Comments
Medical Laboratory Technician

You’ve thought about healthcare training programs, have a passion for helping people and know precisely, or are learning about, just how crucial medical laboratory technicians and medical technologists are to patient care. If you’ve considered getting your medical technician certification, or want to know why you would, then this post if for you.

A career in high demand, with opportunities to learn quickly, alongside industry professionals, in a program that blends theoretical learning with hands-on training for lab technician, may just be a fit. But before you enrol in a medical lab technician program or become a medical technician, you may want to know what reasons drive students to select this focus for their future.

A Med Lab Technician Career is for You, if You …


1. Have a Propensity and Passion for Science

If you enjoy being a detective, sussing out problems and finding scientific solutions, are fascinated by the diagnosis and treatment of disease and like getting hands-on during the process, you may find this a fulfilling job day-to-day. In this role you’ll work with extraordinary technical equipment and perform tests in areas such as immunology, hematology, and microbiology. And everyday you’ll expand your understanding of chemistry, biology, and physiology.

2. Find Comfort in Powerful Work Behind the Scenes

This work is for those who enjoy independence and like working in the lab, conducting tests, and analyzing the results of those tests. Although you’ll engage with the healthcare team and physicians, you really enjoy solo days and set routines.

3. Want to Make a Significant Difference

Every day the tests you run support doctors and the healthcare team in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease. You make a difference and there aren’t nearly enough trained professionals to do what you’ll do. This makes you vital and this is a driving force for you in creating a long-term career.

4. Seek a Career in Mass Demand

Before the pandemic there was a shortage of lab technicians to run tests, and while training programs have expanded, there is still an incredible need for patients and the healthcare teams that diagnose and treat them. With a diploma from a leading-edge program with a reputation for turning out skilled professionals, you will have your pick of positions and opportunities. True even more so for those whose training programs include a practicum with potential employers.

5. Desire a Career with Flexibility and Adaptability

Not only is this career stable and secure but if you’re looking to set your hours and conditions for work, this is one to select. You can choose from a variety of environments, and healthcare settings, from clinics and research labs to private labs and hospitals. With adaptable options comes a freedom to align your preferences and interests with a position and place that suits you.

6. Are Looking to Launch a Career Quickly

At Anderson College, depending on the program you choose you can earn a diploma in just over or just under one year. Whatever you select, not only are these programs led by industry experts, in small classrooms that allow you access to a personalized education, but they are EQual accredited. This tells you that curriculum and the program are held to the highest standards and thus offer graduates a credible, competitive edge with future employers.

7. May Have Your Sights on Continuing Education

While a career as a medical laboratory technician is certainly rewarding in itself, if you decide that you would like to continue your learning and expand your role within the field, this program can be a steppingstone on the way to a medical laboratory technologist program and career.

Now that you’ve seen the highlights of the “why” and understand how this program and profession can open doors in healthcare, now you just need to determine the where.

Still considering your options in the healthcare field? Why not take 3 minutes and take the “Anderson College Medical Professional Career Training Readiness Quiz”?

If, however, you’re ready to make the leap and get your career launched in the Medical Lab Sciences field, we’re here to help you navigate your way. Book a virtual appointment today with one of our amazing Admissions Advisors and let’s get you started!

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