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7 Powerful Reasons to Become an Early Childhood Educator

By July 3, 2024No Comments
Early Childhood Educator

There is a real and present need across Canada, to support parents, particularly mothers, as they look to balance caring for their children with providing for them, and to encourage and mentor children in those formative years. While the federal government’s Canada-wide Early Learning and Childcare Plan is an essential investment, there is a massive need for qualified professionals to ensure that plan succeeds.

This is where you come in.

If you’ve ever considered making a difference in the life of a child, if you’re looking for a career that’s in demand or are working in the field and are looking to expand your knowledge and embrace a leadership role, childhood education certification, earning an early childhood education diploma, could be the amazing opportunity you’re looking for.

In keeping with our commitment to providing training for our students that aligns with the needs of our communities, and ensures graduates are skilled, confident and highly sought after, we designed and launched our Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma program.

And in our dedication to providing an ECE course/ECE program that meets the highest educational standards, we are infinitely proud to relay that our Early Childhood Education Diploma Program has been approved by the College of Early Childhood Educators for a period of two years (2024-2026) for the purpose of meeting the education requirement for registration.

This program and this qualification give you, as an Anderson graduate, the competitive edge. But there are myriad reasons to look to a career in ECE. Here are just a few.

7 Powerful Reasons to Become an ECE – Now


1. Families Need YOU!

First and foremost, it is essential to point out, that families in our communities, in our country, need skilled, qualified ECEs. According to the Early Childhood Education Report, “32,000 additional educators are needed to meet the goal of serving a minimum of 59% of Canadian preschool-aged children within the next five years.” They report that an inability to access consistent childcare leads to a parent’s inability to return to work or having to work fewer hours, impedes women’s employment, resulting in decreased earnings, thus decreased purchasing power, impacting the overall economy. In addition, the lack of qualified ECEs can directly affect children’s academic and behavioural development and overall wellbeing.

  • You can make a significant difference to families as they navigate work and life.

2. Children Need You

How children are treated, how they interact, learn to connect, and engage, express themselves, even how they play, influence the people they will become. There may be funding for access to childcare, but the quality of the ECE matters, significantly. Theoretical and hands-on training, testing the skills gleaned along the way, learning with industry experts who can offer insights on what the role really entails, are all essential to your ability to become the best ECE, the best mentor, you can be to children.

  • Your desire to inspire young minds can shape the communities of the future.

3. Job Joy is a Real Thing

Imagine if you will, that you get paid to play! Everyday you work alongside other passionate people, who love kids, are willing to, literally, get dirty and make-believe, dress-up, and silliness, are all encouraged! Is there a better job than that?

  • Your hope that you’ll have fun everyday at work, now has a powerful purpose.

4. Days Keep You Guessing and Growing

Every single day working with children brings something new, from first-time shoe tying, making a new friend, busting out of a shy-shell, spilling paint and learning to clean it up, showing kindness to someone in need. Children are bursting to discover and try and try again and you get to witness and be a part of it all. While you work hard and must adapt your skills to the needs of these kiddos every day, you will never, ever be bored and forever enriched.

  • Your longing for change and keeping things new and fun has an outlet.

5. Life-Long Learning Can Be Yours

The powerful knowledge and skills you will gain, from understanding developmental milestones and tools to empower young children to learn and express themselves, to supporting families and building key relationships with other educators and community leaders, are ever evolving. The learning curve for this field is massive in the beginning but continues and expands with every day and every year.

  • Your love of continual learning can be fulfilled in this work as an ECE.

6. Our Community and World Need You

In this role you not only support children and parents, and the team you work with, but you are also called to advocate for something more. Your community and our society need crusaders, for change that is purposeful, focused on continually improving our educational system, and calling on the powers that be to take action for enhancement.

  • Your commitment to betterment can now have a broader focus.

7. You Need Not Wait for the Magic to Begin

In 1762.5 hours of classroom instruction and 562.5 hours of practicum, offsite with potential employers, you can be launched into a world you may have envisioned but now can conquer. At Anderson, our team has worked tirelessly to develop a program, run by expert instructors, all aligned and in congruence with the highest standards of the College of Early Childhood Educators. We need professionals trained and out into the workforce quickly and this is the bonus for you. You can dive into an intensive program, get the theoretical and hands-on training you need, and be out and applying those skills directly following your practicum.

  • Your dream of launching a purposeful, in-demand career is closer than you think.

Your decision to pursue childhood education certification is a powerful one, that not only influences your future, but those of the young minds you’ll play and grow with and inspire. Your dedication, passion, and commitment to children as they develop and to families as they entrust their wee ones to you, will not only lay the foundation for their future success, but you too will be changed and enriched in the process.

If you’re still determining if your interests align with this career, take a moment to take the “Anderson College Early Childhood Educator Career Training Readiness Quiz”.

But if, when you imagine your ideal career, when you move through these reasons, you find yourself smiling, if you feel a surge of hope for what you can accomplish, create and enjoy, then boy do we have an opportunity for you!

You can learn more details about our Early Childhood Education program and then, let us help you navigate the next steps to get you started! Book a virtual appointment with our admissions team today!

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