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7 Key Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician Professional

By June 25, 2024No Comments
Pharmacy Technician

Whether you’re exploring a pharmacy technician program or have just finished your pharmacy technician course, you may be looking to understand the intricacies of the role.

So much more than greeting patients and customers, a pharmacy technician is foundational to a pharmacist being able to succeed in his/her job. You are the frontline professional that ensures smooth operations, positive interactions, the effective processing of prescriptions and accuracy in the managing of inventory. Your tasks are varied, and you adapt to the needs of your team and the customers but you’re always in compliance with regulations and guidelines.

To know the role you play, and how you play it, will allow you to do it with verve or select this career with a keen understanding of what’s expected.

7 Key Responsibilities That Will Drive Your Days as a Pharmacy Tech


1. Managing Prescription Intake

From receiving to confirming, prescriptions are a huge part of the job. Accuracy and attention to detail in this area keep patients safe and the pharmacist in compliance with the medication to be provided and the support required by the patient.

2. Prescription Fulfillment

From counting, providing the accurate number of pills or capsules and preparing creams and ointments to labelling, there is variety in the preparation and delivery of prescriptions, and attention to detail is essential.

3. Customer Connection and Education

Patients and customers have questions in person, on the phone or via email. You provide the help, guidance and support they require. Whether they are receiving vital information on their prescriptions or buying over-the-counter products and medication, you are the go-to. How you interact with customers creates an impression as to the professionalism standard of the place in which you work.

4. Inventory and Organization

You keep things in the pharmacy in order and ensure that medications and stock is counted, current, accounted for and ordered in a timely manner so that your team and customers have what they need when they need it.

5. Data and Patient Info Management

You will track and record patient details and may, in keeping with the clerical duties of the job, manage pharmacy accounts, receive payments, and process receipts.

6. Insurance Claims Processing

Depending on the coverage patients have, you will help them navigate the details and costs and process the paperwork. You will confirm contact details, sometimes communicate with providers, and ensure all is in order to receive payment.

7. Engage in Team Dynamics

In this career, you’ll need to be a proactive team player, communicating openly and effectively, creatively solving problems that arise, using your math skills where needed and your diplomacy skills where they’re needed too. You are detail oriented and particular about organization to ensure all runs smoothly. And above all you take pride in the job you do and the effectiveness with which you do it.

If these responsibilities speak to you and make you want to explore pharmacy technician classes or a pharmacy technician course in Ontario, then this may be a career for you. From keeping all in order, to making patients feels heard and honoured as they move through their healing, in this position you are poised to make a difference.

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