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7 Essential Steps to Owning a Spa ~ for Medical Esthetics Grads

By June 24, 2022August 18th, 2022No Comments
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After you’ve aced your medical esthetician course and are the proud recipient of a medical aesthetics certificate, there are myriad career opportunities available to you. But if you’ve been told you have an entrepreneurial spirit and dream of having your own business, then opening a spa may be the perfect leaping-off point for your fabulous new career.

And we’re going to tell you just how to do that.

Part of what Anderson College’s focus, and what our medical aesthetics training courses aim to do, is ensure you’re ready for anything, and the knowledge and skills you’ve gained are in demand by prospective employers, or even clients directly. If you’re in the stages of exploring the best beauty institute/beauty college, you’ll want to ensure they’re providing you with the latest in industry trends and information, and that courses are taught by industry experts.

Those looking to deliver spa services and establish a thriving business, will need some extra training to set them up for success. At Anderson we not only cover the technical skills for skin analysis, applying make-up and performing medical facial treatments, but also how to communicate with your clients and provide superior customer care and service. To empower you to own and run a business, our program covers the intricacies of Salon/Spa Business Management and shows you the systematic approach to set and achieve your goals, with our
Career Success module.

So now that you have the overview of what you’ll gain in our Medical Esthetics program, we can get to the good stuff…

7 Essential Steps to Set Up and Launch Your Own Spa


1. Know Your Why

Why do you want to own your own business? Is it because you have a burning desire to make people feel more vibrant? Do you want to provide your family with more stability in the long run? Are you so passionate about medical esthetics that you’ve already got a following and you want to bring people to a place where they can experience your services and care?

Whatever your “why”, consider it consciously, write it down and post it. This will keep you going whenever the going gets tough. Because we all know that anything worth having is worth working for. And this dream will be so worth all the effort you put in!

2. Research Your Market

Do your market research. Study the businesses in the area you’re thinking of having your spa in. Visit salons, medical clinics, social media sites that offer what you’re thinking of delivering. And then see what you may offer that is different or fills a need.

3. Determine Your Offerings

Now that you know what is out there, and where the gaps in services or care are, now you can determine what you can provide that is unique or fills a void. Or what are you really great at? Even if it’s offered by someone else, no one will do it the way you do if your passion and delivery are special.

4. Define Your Vision & Mission ~ Build Your Business Brand

You have an idea of the marketplace and you’re getting a feel for the services you’ll offer to stand out in a crowd; next you want to define your lofty goals. Your vision guides those goals and keeps you focused on the big picture (i.e. heal and change people and the world), and your mission keeps your eye on what you deliver every day (i.e. stellar spa treatments – and client treatment – that everyone will talk about). Once you’ve nailed down your vision and mission, now you want a brand voice, look and feel, and a business name and logo, to match. This will drive your presence, reach and sales on and offline, so take the time necessary to ensure you’ve hit it out of the park on this point.

5. Equipment Requirements

To know what kind of space you’ll need, you want to figure out what equipment you’ll want to put in it. Make a detailed list of supplies and furniture required to get your spa launched.

6. Location, Permits, Insurance

Next is location research, based on what you want to offer and the space you’ll need to deliver. Will you work alongside someone else (rent a space), lease your own space, or buy? You’ll want to research your local laws on permitting, licensing, and what insurance is required as well.

7. Budget, Business Plan and Funding Support

With all this research gathered, goals envisioned and set and details laid out, you’re ready to put it all to paper in one place – your business plan. Whether you’re looking for funding support or just wanting a clear path to guide you, this is one of the most essential documents you’ll pull together. If you’re looking for support the BDC – Small Business Loan is a terrific place to start.

Starting your own business is, of course, a risk, but with the right plan, thorough investigation and professional insights and support, it is a dream you can realize.

If you’re still looking to take your spa skills and business acumen up a notch, then review our Medical Esthetician program and book a virtual appointment with us today. Whether just exploring or ready to leap in, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Still determining if a medical esthetics course is for you? Take the “Medical Professional Career Discovery Quiz”.

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