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7 Clear Signs a Medical Lab Technician Career is an Ideal Fit for You

By April 6, 2023No Comments
Medical Lab Technician

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is in perpetual need of dynamic, proficient, and passionate professionals and that medical laboratory technicians are in high demand since even before COVID-19. But to invest your energy, time, and finances in healthcare training programs, to get your medical technician certificate, you want to be sure that this career is the right fit for your interests, skillset, and goals in the short and long run. We’ve got some insights for you.

7 Signs a Medical Laboratory Technician Career is a Fit for You


1. You’ve Got Your Geek on for Science

Having a passion for the intricacies and details of biology, physiology and chemistry is a must. You have to be jazzed about organisms that infect patients, the antibiotics that will destroy them and the processes used to collect samples and determine just that. You need not head into the Medical Laboratory Technician program knowing all there is to know about these fields of study, but a burning curiosity to learn about science is key.

2. Routine and Repetition Bring Satisfaction

Tasks for a medical lab technician, from day to day, are often the same, so you must be able to stay focused, recognize the intrinsic value of your work, do your job with accuracy, and find a sense of calm and satisfaction from the routine of it all.

3. You’re a Dedicated-to-Detail Person

Your responsibilities focus on performing laboratory procedures such as preparing specimens for testing, preparing culture media and stock solutions, and logging patient information and helping doctors to compile reports. Accuracy is essential and you must have your keen eye trained on every detail of the process.

4. You Shine Behind the Scenes

Untypical for healthcare, in this role you get to influence patient care without really having to interact with them directly. You may draw blood, but the rest of your role focuses on diagnostic process, and you must be one of those people who thrive in quiet, peaceful places as you work.

5. You Are a Stellar Communicator

Your support of patients away from the crowds doesn’t stop you from being an excellent communicator however, as your position within the cohesive team is critical and your ability to effectively share and deliver information is integral to the physician’s ability to deliver quality patient care.

6. You Seek Out Stability

You’re the steady sort and are looking for a career that you can count on for the long haul. No matter what is happening in the world, healthcare will always prove to be a primary need for people, and med lab techs handle all the testing that empowers doctors to diagnose and effectively treat patients. While you can certainly grow within this field, this career is for those who thrive knowing they can count on the position they hold to support them over time.

7. You’re Ready to Launch a Career Within One Year

Yes, we said one year. Anderson College’s phlebotomy training classes to become a medical technician, within our leading-edge Medical Lab Technician program, last 50 weeks and include four weeks of practicum with potential employers. Your instructors are industry experts and empower you with the theoretical knowledge and hands-on training, within our state-of-the-art labs, that you need to become skilled and in demand when you graduate.

Whether you’ve set your sights on becoming a medical lab technician or want to begin in this role to then leverage your skills and experience to next pursue becoming a medical laboratory technologist, we’re here to help.

If you’re still determining your best career fit, take the “Anderson College Medical Professional Career Training Readiness Quiz” or connect with our popular blog post Insights on Becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician – an Interview with Instructor Gilbert Rivera to learn more.

Or if you’re ready to begin your Medical Laboratory Technician career, book a virtual appointment with one of our Admissions Advisors today and let’s get you started. Patients and your new, awesome, team of healthcare colleagues await!

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