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6 Success Tips to Balance Parenting AND College Studies

By July 11, 2022August 19th, 2022No Comments
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An empty lantern provides no light.
Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.
— Unknown

It is our passion and our privilege to love our children well; to give of our time, our energy, our wisdom, our guidance and a part of our very selves to them. But the most important word in that sentence is ‘part’. We can only offer to others what we first possess ourselves and so we must learn to balance what we give with what we replenish in our own lives.

Age does not limit the depth and heights of our dreams and as a parent it only increases the desire to be and do more to support and nourish those we love. Education and evolving in our minds and hearts, and in our careers, is essential for peace of mind and a future that matches the dreams we hold.

But as anyone who’s done it can tell you, launching into a new career and starting school can be a daunting experience. And finding the balance between caring for our families and online learning and studying at home or in the classroom, can be tricky.

Possible? Ohhhh Yes!

But as our Anderson students and graduates who stood right where you are will tell you …

It is worth every ounce of effort, determination, and perseverance,
to cross that stage, hold a diploma in hand,
look out into the audience and see pride shining in the eyes of family and
know, you now have the tools
to live the life,
you imagined.

We’ve learned what has worked for parents before you to get there and we’d like to offer you …

6 Success Tips to Empower You to Balance Parenting with Studying


1. Remember Your Why – There is something that called you to want a change in your life. There is something you desire for your family, for yourself and to recognize and keep this reason close will see you through the challenges you face. Take a moment to consciously consider and write down the answer to these questions:

a. Why do I want to go back to school?
b. What happens if I do?
c. What happens if I don’t?

2. Create a Life & School Schedule – Ideas and tasks we hold in our mind can be overwhelming, but when we get the details down on paper, like a puzzle, we can start to see how we can make the pieces work together.

a. Brainstorm all the responsibilities and tasks you have to tackle
b. Plan your week and split it between what you need to accomplish for your family and what goals you need to achieve at school
c. Take it all, one day at a time
d. Break down your To Dos into a list for each day of the week and don’t forget to check each item off as you get it done
e. Promise yourself to celebrate, daily, the small achievements and the big ones
f. And see item #3 to add to your calendar.

3. Fill Your Cup First – Make self care a priority. This will NOT be easy, but it essential to keep your stamina up all along the way. You don’t want to just ‘get through’ your period of education, you want to enjoy it to the fullest. This will require, scheduling time for breaks, quiet, exercise, family/friend joy and adventures, as well as your studies. See our popular blog on Study Tips for more helpful ideas!

4. Set Up Solo Study Space
– If at all possible, set up a separate area dedicated to your studies and creative flow. Studying at home, amidst the demands and desires of our family isn’t easy. So, setting up a separate space will set the tone for study, not just for yourself but will signal to your family members that you need time to focus. Consider a sign that you can hang on the door to gently remind them, “Genuis is at Work” .

5. Celebrate Milestones with Family – Remember, that beyond learning how to succeed in a new career, you are setting an example, each and every day, for your children. We want to show them that hard work is good and makes us feel useful in the world and the benefits that come are for others and for self, for security, peace of mind and life’s enjoyment. And so, bring your family along on your educational adventure and celebrate as you tackle a chapter, a test, a day of success in the lab. Those young, watchful, eyes are learning how to live their lives by watching you live yours.

6. Ask for Support Whenever Needed
– You’ve undoubtedly spent your life caring for others; now is your time. And honestly, if I’ve learned anything as a parent, it is that when I need help it gives my children the opportunity to step up, to care, to give, to show their love and we are all better for it. Share your dreams and your needs with your family and identify how you may need help. Reach out to classmates and create a plan to help one another. And know that your team of instructors and administration staff – your Anderson family – is always, always, here to do whatever we can to ensure you feel honoured, uplifted and ready, professionally and personally, to take on your extraordinary life.

If you’re still wondering if you can do this, if it will all be worth, then we’ve got a few folks who can help you out with that. These are the powerful stories of our students, their experiences shared by them. Maybe one of these will speak to you.

There is no limit to what you can achieve when you believe and we, at Anderson College, are here every step of the way to help you determine what career and course is a best fit for you, how to navigate your program and college and life, and succeed!

If you’re still exploring your career options, take the “Anderson College Career Training Readiness Quiz” and see how you can match your passions with your purpose.

If you’re ready to connect with our team and learn more about one of our 30+ programs that can help you take life to the next level of success, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions Team today!

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