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6 In-Demand, Entry-Level IT Jobs – Launch Your Career in Less Than 1 Year

By December 5, 2022May 24th, 2023No Comments
Entry-Level IT Jobs

You’ve set your sights on applying your tech savvy to businesses and industries that require your leading-edge skillset, but now you need to know what positions are in greatest demand. If you’re scouting information technology colleges, and where to get your diploma in information technology, it’s a major motivator to know precisely what you’ll be working toward.

Whether you’re looking to expand your talents with an Information Technology Technician course or are determined to complete an Advanced Diploma in Cisco and Red Hat Engineering, understanding the careers available to you will drive your goal setting.

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Otherwise let’s dive in and show you what your future could look like after stellar IT training.

6 In-Demand, Entry-Level, IT Jobs


1. Help Desk Technician


The Job
You’re the first call for the team when they have hardware, software, or network problems. You will analyze the issue and determine next steps for solving it, whether that is directly supporting or finding the right IT specialist to help. You may also install and maintain hardware and software.

The Perks
A fantastic place to start your IT career, get yourself connected to colleagues and linked into higher management. This may be your buzz long-term, but many IT professionals begin in this role if they haven’t picked a focus and particularly if they want to get their foot in the door of a company or the industry.

2. Computer Technician


The Job
In this role you’re focused on precisely how a computer is built and understand how to diagnose and fix any hardware issues. You will wear many hats as you address computer challenges people face and as such may find a niche that you excel at and then branch off into this specialization as you grow your career.

The Perks

You generally work independently within a company, business or in a computer repair shop and you have the ability to experience a variety of intricate challenges that allow you to learn rapidly.

3. Desktop Support Technician


The Job
You’re the first call when problems arise with a team member’s desktop computer. You will assess issues remotely or in person. In this role you’ll perform a range of essential tasks from testing, configuring, setting up user accounts and formatting desktops and laptops, to troubleshoot wireless and network problems.

The Perks
You’re the go-to for specialized issues and have the ability to apply your tech savvy skills with computers to ensure employees and organizations can maintain, even improve, productivity.

4. IT Support Specialist


The Job
In this position you focus on installing, setting up and troubleshooting software and technology. Beyond this, you will also be responsible for maintaining, servicing, and upgrading company software, which may include team members’ cell phones and tablets.

The Perks
Outside of your company team, you’ll also work with customers, offering guidance and training and you may also deal with vendors. This brings you out from behind the phone and desk and empowers you to connect and network with others. You’ll need strong communication skills, but if you’re both jazzed about technology and people, this is a terrific role for you.

5. Systems Administrator


The Job
This position requires you to understand the bigger picture of what a company requires and then implement that strategic plan. You’ll identify network and computer needs and then be responsible for set up, maintenance of hardware and systems and ensuring that the software is consistently up to date.

The Perks
If you’re a visionary and leader, but also have a keen appreciation and attention for details, you’ll be invaluable for an organization and will be highly rewarded for this contribution to your team and their overall success.

6. Web Developer


The Job
As you well know, in the world of business websites are king/queen, communicating consistently with up-to-date info on a company’s success, positioning and purpose. You are its master in this position. In this role, if you focus on front-end you design the website elements that users interact with; if you focus on back-end you build and maintain the server and database that powers it all from behind the scenes, full-stack developers, you do it all.

The Perks
Well, you’re the master behind the tool that empowers organizations to share their vision and connect with their customers and, if this is your passion and talent, then you get paid well to do it.

These six careers are just the tip of the iceberg for the IT positions that are in demand. What gives you the competitive edge is an information technology course and learning within information technology programs that offer both theoretical and hands-on training, delivered by experts in the industry who have their finger on the pulse of the latest technological advancements. And depending on your goals, if you’re looking to become certified, you’ll want to select a college that has a curriculum to prepare you for those exams, and a team of professionals to support your success.

At Anderson College, your success is our success and since 1885 we’ve been honoured to support 1000s of graduates as they take their professional and personal lives, businesses and communities, to new levels. We’d like to empower your dreams too.
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