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6 Facts You Want to Know About Video Production

By December 12, 2022No Comments
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In film and video production, you work to transform ideas into creative expressions that inform, inspire and/or promote and wow the world. There is no limit to where you can take your career once you master the art of storytelling and the technology and specialized equipment to powerfully communicate in the digital age. If you’ve dreamed about the study of film making, and want to learn video production, understanding how videos work and the impact they can have, is incredibly powerful and essential in this day and age.

If you’re still considering if this field is a fit for your interests, you can take the “Anderson College Film and Video Production Career Discovery Quiz.” If you want to explore where a career in this thrilling field can take you, you want to begin with the basics.

6 Facts About Video Production You Want (and Need) to Know to Explore this Career


1. It All Begins with a Goal, Research, and a Script

Pre-production is essential. You need to understand the audience you’re addressing and know the objective you have in mind for creating the video in the first place. Researching what it takes to bring an idea to life, can align a message with a goal, a creative team with the means to make it happen, and a video creation with the best possible outcome. What is your ideal end game? This is where to begin. And then develop a storyboard that encompasses that and a script that wraps itself around the whole vision. A guideline and prep work lead to quality footage. Understanding precisely what you’re trying to convey and why, fuels the details, from location and angles to equipment and timeline. Planning is the foundation for success of a project.

2.Equipment, Equipment, Equipment

Location may set the stage, but equipment lights it up and captures it for all to see. From backdrop and lighting to cameras, shooting footage that will wow the masses begins with understanding and utilizing equipment that delivers with verve. You need to know what you require in this area to deliver the goods that will keep clients coming back for more.

3. Consider and Flow with Your Budget

You want to lay out a plan for how much you will spend, but keep in mind that more money spent doesn’t always mean a higher quality production. Sometimes spending less money on those impassioned to create, and equipment that is solid but not pricey, can drive a more creative experience and outcome. But recognizing that you’ll need to have wiggle room in the budget is essential.

4. Postproduction is the Key to the Wow Factor

While a lot of work goes into prepping, planning and delivering on filming, editing, tweaking and polishing the final piece takes more. A precise, complicated, and demanding task, you want to surrender to this part of the process and recognize this is what makes the raw footage transform into fabulous.

5. Cloud Connection

Sounds simple, but recognizing that cloud-based video production, where team members and users can edit from anywhere, streamlines production and creates convenience, is essential.

6. Powerful Learning to Launch Your Creative Career

You can go video production alone, but do you need to? No. Trial and error is awesome, but a leg-up is better. In 50 weeks, including 80 hours of practicum with on-the-job training, offsite with potential employers, you can be job ready with Anderson College’s Film and Video Production – Storytelling for the Digital Age program. Using the latest and most sophisticated software and technology, students in this program learn how to create storyboards, write scripts, operate professional cameras, and film equipment, create special effects and so much more. They become experts in film and video production, social media, multimedia, digital marketing, and advertising. Learning the art of communication through the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Draft and our other software programs, students develop their own distinct creative artistic style and management and entrepreneurial skills, all while working closely with our industry-expert instructors in a hands-on learning environment.

If this moves you to want to learn more about film production programs/video production classes and how to learn film making and attend colleges for film production, consider Anderson’s Film and Video Production program. Book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team today. We’re here to help you find your program fit and navigate every step along the way.

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