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6 Career Opportunities for Early Childcare Assistant Grads!

By June 2, 2022June 26th, 2024No Comments
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You’ve followed your passion, put heart and mind to the test in your childcare courses and achieved success in your early childhood education, now you’re embarking on the excitement of “What’s next?”.

With theoretical learning via child daycare courses / daycare courses online, and hands-on training to put the skills you learned in your daycare programs to practice, you are set for the real world. Career options for Anderson College’s Early Childcare Assistant (ECA) graduates are vast and varied. We thought a list of some of the options you can explore and pursue, may be helpful as you set your sights on dreaming of your future.

6 Potential ECA Career Opportunities for You!


Childcare Centre

As an ECA in a childcare facility you will have the opportunity to work with groups of children and ensure their safety, help with their care and be an integral part of their fun. You will work alongside your team to encourage hygiene, support healthy eating habits, and provide both planned and guided activities and games and time and space for free play. You may interact with parents, providing them with feedback and you are a key member of a team of support for children and their families during critical years of development.

Daycare Facility

As an ECA you can also put your daycare course to terrific use and choose to work in an environment that provides care and support for young children whose parents need to work outside the home. Being able to offer a safe, encouraging and happy environment, that puts a mother’s and father’s minds at ease, is one of the greatest gifts you can offer as an ECA.

Early Learning Centres

Beyond assisting with activities and play, you may choose to work alongside an education team helping to promote the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of children. In this position you are a role model and teach children the importance, not only of healthy habits, but of the basics for learning and for connecting and interacting with others.

Pre-School Helper

In a more formal educational environment, as an ECA in this position you will directly support a child’s goals for learning. You will work with preschool teachers and offer support as children learn numbers, letters, shapes, sizes, colours and a foundation of concepts that will assist in preparing them for kindergarten. As activities are in relation to a specific goal, you may have the opportunity to help plan and deliver specific lessons and watch children grow in understanding and confidence and celebrate with them!

Public and High School Assistant’s Aid

Within this type of school environment, as an ECA, you will assist children of various ages as they tackle goals for learning, support their understanding of themselves and their connection to others, empower them to think critically and contribute to their growth as both a student and young adult. Supporting teachers as their execute learning plans, makes you part of a team of support for the student and an invaluable asset to the classroom.

Daycare Entrepreneur

You may also decide that opening your own business is what will fuel your passion and allow you to serve children and their families more dynamically. If this is for you, then here are 5 Steps to Opening a Daycare (After You Ace Your Training).

The role of ECA in any capacity is rewarding in so many ways, and as you can see, there are so many incredible ways that you can apply your talent and your education to serve others. If you’re still considering your career options and curious as to what the best fit may be for you, take the “Early Childhood Educator Career Discovery Quiz”

If this has piqued your interest and you want to start your career as an Early Childcare Assistant, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions Team today! We’re here to help every step of the way.

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