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5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Job-Search Success

By December 28, 2021August 19th, 2022No Comments
Job-Search Success

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You’ve paid your dues, worked tirelessly, endured those sleepless-study-filled nights and now you’re ready to take those stellar skills and land your dream job. LinkedIn is your ticket. How do I know? My family is living in Western Canada because of a relationship created solely on LinkedIn. It began with an inquiry, then a conversation and literally just two months later they’d paid for our move and a new career was launched.

You don’t want to underestimate the power of a solid, specific, personality-rich profile, and the relationships you can create and cultivate for career success. Knowing how to use LinkedIn for your job search, seeking out specific job opportunities, or taking your career to a new level in the Canadian job market, is essential for your success.

Here are 5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Job-Search Success


#1 – Trust the Tool

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool used by recruiters to find job candidates who have the right skillset and personality traits for career opportunities. This is your online resume, with flare. In one place, easily accessible, employers are able to search and scan for those who may be what they’re looking for. But they have to be able to find you, quickly recognize your potential, review your experience and be able to contact you. Done well, your LinkedIn online presence can absolutely lead to your next job.

#2 – Present with Power

From your profile picture, rocking professional headline and an ‘About’ section to catch their eye, to using strong accomplishment-rich descriptions of your skills and experience, how you present yourself matters. First, as you update your profile you likely don’t want everyone watching you add each detail, so make sure to temporarily shut off broadcasts. Now, as you create each section to highlight your skills and unique personality, you’ll want to select key words specific to the jobs you’re applying for.

“Recruiters, employers and school admissions officers search through LinkedIn and other career sites using keywords to target potential hires or students. That’s why keywords are important throughout your entire profile, but especially in the “Specialties” section.” You can learn more about how to specifically do that Here.

#3 – Connect and Create Relationships

LinkedIn is not a place just to upload your Canadian resume; it is a community of professionals, with resources and connections and opportunities to engage and collaborate. Be active and set your goal to building your network to 1st degree status. You can join professional groups, learn from industry leaders, research potential employers and their people and follow them and take part in relevant discussions. As you do this, you will recognize opportunities that arise and begin to see where you may find your next career move. Don’t underestimate the power of creating a personal connection. When you find a person you think may help you to understand an industry better, send a personal message and ask them to connect. That ‘informational interview’ is what lead to our career move west. Even after you’ve found your dream job, remain active on LinkedIn; you are always building your professional brand and want to stay forever relevant and connected to the marketplace. You never know where you may soar next in your career!

#4 – Customize Search Options & Alerts

Tailor your settings to receive updates on the job opportunities you’re most interested in. You can create, customize and manage your alerts easily and never miss a chance to apply for your next career. Learn all about the details for how to do that Here.

#5 – It’s All in the Details

  • Make sure your contact info is up to date and your profile is set to public – after all your work, you want to ensure people can reach you
  • Ask for recommendations (and give them) – this is where employers get to hear what others think of the work you’ve done
  • Set up and use your Vanity URL – customize to your first and last name, to make your URL sharing clearer

Anderson College students … If you’re ready to land your dream job; LinkedIn is ready to take you there.

If you’re not at Anderson and are looking to take your skills to a new level, so you’re poised to apply for that dream job, any one of our 30+ programs are a pathway there. Book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team to explore the possibilities.

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