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5 Tips to Score Your First Job After Graduation

By September 9, 2022No Comments
how to find a job after graduation

You’re fresh off the grad stage, itching to land the dream career in the Canadian job market, but to get a job you need experience and to gain experience you need a job.

How do you leverage what you’ve got to score the position you need to build the career you desire?

We know that sussing out viable job opportunities, even wading through the advice on how to find a job, can be daunting. But see, we’re in the business of empowering students just like you. (After having had the privilege of being partner to more than 100,000 students, we have learned a thing or two about helping people overcome career challenges and catapult to the next level in their lives).

Our forte is in not only training students so that they are in demand but providing the tools required to pursue professional and personal success.

So, we’ve gathered some career tips and our most popular and relevant blog links to empower you to embark on those next steps. These are for you, as Anderson College students, and really anyone in the throes of the job search and looking to get hired.

Here we go …

5 Tips to Score Your First Job After Graduation


1.Take Stock of Your Assets and Leverage Them

You may not have specific job experience for the position you’re applying for, but you certainly have life experience and skills that can be considered transferable and valuable. Remember that landing a spot on the team isn’t all about hard, technical, skills; soft skills are golden. You may know the expression, ‘you can teach skills but you can’t teach attitude’. So, at the very least, begin there. Let your cover letter, resume, social media professional comments and presence highlight attributes like determination, loyalty, tenacity – the fact that you know what you want and are willing to work for it.

Quite frankly sometimes we can forget how capable we are, and the experiences that have shaped us. So, we need to remind ourselves.
Review your resume, your past job experiences, the stories of your life that demonstrate the kind of employee you are, the kind of person you are. And then, list out your qualities, character traits, the skills that may apply to any job, and would be an asset to an employer.

And if you feel stuck in understanding what soft skill are and how you can leverage them to succeed, here’s a link to this article that has inspired many … “Master These Soft Skills & Rise to the Top in 2022”

Now you’re in the positive frame of mind to launch into #2.

2.Build It to WoW and They Will Come (or at Least Call)

Now you’re ready, with transferable-skills list in hand, to create a powerful, poignant, concise, relevant, gripping resume and cover letter. Easy right? Not easy, but certainly possible. Key is knowing that you have about 3 to 5 seconds to grab the attention of a potential employer. People don’t read anymore, they skim. So, know the job you’re applying for and the buzz words and skills they’ll be looking for, and use them. List your credentials, accreditations, certifications, skills and experience relevant to the position you are focused on winning.

For a Canadian resume to impress the masses, you need to get to the point. Don’t use 10 words when you can use 3 to describe the same thing. Make every word count. Brag away but don’t just repetitively use the expressions, “I did this,” “I did that”. Instead, talk about your “opportunity to have had the experience/ be on the team, that had this success” and then list the successes/sales/growth you contributed to. Think like a leader who gives credit for the team and the opportunity but isn’t afraid to mention the specifics of their vital role in the success realized.

And for specific Tips on Writing a Winning Resume, this is your go-to blog.

3. Align Career Interests with Job Search Alerts

You have worker bees out there willing and able to bring home the honey, in this case, career opportunities to your In Box. In the world of tech and cyber assistance, Job Search Engines are your best friend. Hone your search words, scour the offerings, discover the key words that will deliver the results you’re looking for, so that you have jobs to apply for. There are myriad options. Determine the ones that work best for you, or why not use them all! Some are free, some you’ll pay for. Some may speak to you more than others, but by all means, let a few of them do part of the work for you. Many employers insist on using these gatekeepers for gathering resumes, so familiarize yourself and begin practicing with a few jobs that you’re suited for but perhaps aren’t your first choice. And then, when you feel confident, apply for your top picks.

For more on, specifically, Leveraging LinkedIn for Job-Search Success, we’ve got this stellar blog to fuel your understanding of it all.

4.When in Doubt, Intern

If you’re really feeling as though you don’t have enough meat and means in your resume, then it’s time to look to internships to gain the practical experience you need to shine. If you’re an Anderson College student, your program likely included hands-on experience and a practicum with potential employers. If it didn’t, or you attended another college or university, then this can be your next step. You can seek out paid and unpaid opportunities, both will bolster your resume and show that you’re committed to your profession and will do whatever it takes to learn, grow and succeed.

5.Show Time!

You’ve polished a resume, designed a cover letter to catch the eye that’s tailored to the position you’re keen on, and landed the interview. Now comes time to polish your interview skills, practice presenting your key traits and talents that will warrant as second look and even a job offer. This is a process until itself, and here is what you need to do to Ace That Job Interview By Using These Proven Steps!

Although you’re now better equipped with what you need to begin and conquer the job hunt, know that you are not alone. As an Anderson College student, you have access to our Career Services team and their support, for life. They’re expertise is in empowering you to tackle any one of these 5 areas and all you need to do is connect. As a college, we are dedicated to ensuring you take the training you’ve gained and apply it to the career of your dreams.

Maybe you’re still exploring your options? If so, take the “Anderson College Career Training Readiness Quiz” and see how you can match your interests to a career.

If you haven’t started with Anderson College yet, check out our 30+ programs and see where you take your life and career next. We’re here to help you navigate your way. Book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team today!

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