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5 Tips to Pave Your Way to Success in Pre-Med, Med School & Beyond

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You’ve felt a passion for studying medicine for years or are exploring your options for your life’s work. Here’s what you should consider and remember as you embark on one of the most exciting and rewarding professions out there. A solid foundation in pre-med allows you to rock medical school and sets you up for a successful career. And it’s never too early to start focusing on what is essential, setting wheels in motion and putting habits in place to achieve your dream of becoming a physician.

Let us help you get there …

5 Tips to Pave Your Way to Success in Pre-Med – (relatively) Stress-Free Along the Way!

1.Pave Your Own Way.

There are myriad ways to tackle an education and pathway to fulfilling requirements for med school. Times are changing and so are the options for how you embark on your dream to become a physician.

  • Do Your Research. Explore the various routes to get into medical school and what is required in the short and long run.
  • Realize There Are Alternative Options. You can do a 3-to-4-year undergrad degree covering sciences and other pertinent courses to prep you, then study for and write your MCAT, gather letters of recommendation and apply to medical school. Or you can explore a fast-track option – a 2-year Pre-Medical program that offers the foundation of skills and experience required and a pathway program to a medical school, via a direct admissions partnership. Explore and then determine the best route for you!

2.Envision the End-Goal and Know Exactly What It Takes.

It is essential that you know what you’re signing up for and the amount of work, focus, dedication and determination that it will take – as it should – to become a doctor. But equally as important is for you to understand “why” you want to become a physician. This will ensure you are diving in for all the right reasons, will see you through the challenging times, and allow you to hold fast to your vision of serving your community in authentic and powerful ways in the years to come.

3.Build a Plan. Set Your Goals.

Once you’re clear about your vision, your why and have set your sights on a pathway, it’s time to plan out what will be required of you and how you will get there. Next, set step-by-step goals for your days, weeks, years ahead. When we look at everything necessary at once it seems daunting. When we break into chunks and put it on a timeline, we suddenly recognize it is all doable, one day at a time!

Brainstorm all the elements you’ll need to consider:

  • Studies, including pre-med requirements, courses required for medical school, potential pre-med programs and pre-med courses.
  • Volunteering opportunities in the medical field – in a hospital setting or not. Choose any place you feel passionate about (soup kitchen, clinic, crisis centre) so that you can demonstrate your ability to serve and be empathetic. The more positive the experience, the more your authentic enthusiasm will shine through.
  • Life Balance. It is essential that you take care of your mental health and remain vibrant and ready to embrace what is required of you, not just in the short-term, but the long as well. This will take scheduling in breaks, exercise, eating well, and activities that relieve stress, bring joy and make room for relationships that leave you feeling connected and cared for.
  • And more…

Take the “Medical Professional Career Discovery Quiz”

4.Leverage Resources for Your Success.

There are resources available to you; use them! Meet with Pre-Medical Admissions Advisors. Reach out to, build relationships with and shadow physicians – a fabulous way to learn and to build contacts! Connect with your pre-med community (research those that make sense in your community or in your school (or potential school)). You are not alone and there are many interested in helping you reach success. Choose your pathway and set your goals with this in mind.

5.Know How to Study for Success.

For the next number of years your main focus will be to be a student, and a stellar one at that. So do it with conscious thought and focused on success. The first step is to use all the tips and tools that others who have gone before you have used to achieve their academic goals. While you can seek out many on your own, we’ve created a comprehensive list here that has helped thousands of our Anderson students. We hope it empowers you too!

You’re on your way and the future you imagine can be yours. If you’re looking for info on how to take next steps in a Pre-Med program that qualifies Anderson graduates for provisional acceptance to St. George’s University medical school, (and makes them eligible for a $5,000 scholarship and/or additional financial aid), we’re here to connect.

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