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5 Tips for Achieving Career Success as a Medical Esthetician

By March 21, 2023No Comments
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It is no secret that the beauty and skincare industries are booming. We’re more aware than ever of the importance of proactive care for our body, particularly our face, as we age. Add in a soaring amount of information on how to select products and services that achieve results, and the overwhelm that can go along with this, and we’re also in dire need of trained professionals to see us through. As a graduate of a beauty institute/beauty college, or one with a medical aesthetics certificate, how do we translate this industry trend into our professional success. Ultimately, by ensuring that we have learned within a leading-edge medical esthetician course/medical esthetics course and received a little guidance from those who’ve achieved success themselves.

5 Foundational Tips for Achieving Career Success as a Medical Esthetician


1. Know Self, Industry & Niche

That famous quote by Socrates, “Know thyself,” is also true of your ME career. It is essential as you move through your medical aesthetic training courses, that you come to terms with which elements of the industry are in demand, what your passions are and where your talents lie. At first, you’ll learn a variety of approaches, techniques and services, but you’ll want to come to understand what jazzes you, will keep you energized through the long hours, drive you to continue to expand your knowledge base and inspire you to educate clients and colleagues for years to come.

2. Explore Your Options, Expand Your Knowledge

This goes hand in hand with #1. Focus on being a professional sponge. Learn all you can learn about the various techniques, from applying make-up and cosmetic massage to medical facial treatments, laser, radio frequency and microdermabrasion. Determine where you’ll best connect with clients – a clinic, a spa, your own practice? Once you’ve received your diploma and have an inkling of where you’d like to concentrate your education and training, be determined to continually expand your skills and training in those areas. In this industry, techniques, care products and supplies are always evolving. Be determined to always be on the leading edge and you’ll become known as an expert who effectively guides and serves their clients.

3. Hone Your Communications and Care for Clients

Being one who can be counted on, not just to book appointments quickly and provide timely, quality service with each appointment, but also being known as a professional who educates and inspires clients and truly cares about their wellbeing, will go a long way to ensuring a lasting, successful client base and career. Satisfied clients love to share their positive stories, reviews and tell their friends about the gem of an ME they found who can provide for their needs as well. Taking the time to communicate consistently, positively, professionally and proactively can make the difference between a career, and a thriving career!

4. Master Marketing and Sales

No matter who you decide to work for, or with, recognize that you are your own brand as an ME professional. Study the market, know your competition, know those professionals doing it well and who you may want to align your brand with or at least emulate in their practices and positioning. Work at your social media skills, take what you know and make it exciting enough that you can tell a story or let your clients’ success tell it for you. Research how others advertise and promote; watch what works and learn to implement for yourself. And recognize that part of what your clients are looking for is solid, experienced guidance on the products that allow them to feel like they are caring for themselves even after their appointment with you is complete. Study the science, the ingredients, the trends on products and give good, informed advice for purchases, and in recommending and selling those key products, find creative ways to turn a profit from it. That’s just smart business and fuels your further growth and the number of clients you can serve and help long term.

5. Set Goals and Be Determined to Soar

With the beauty industry ever evolving, a noisy marketplace with myriad levels of professionals vying for client business, new products being launched regularly and all the marketing and sales techniques you’re learning about, you need to get strategic about goal setting. Professionals plan, they’re methodical, they take time to strategize, visualize how and when they’ll grow their business to the next level, again and again. Set goals for 1 year, six months, three months and one month. Check in weekly, adapt goals accordingly to ensure you’re taking the best course of action to achieve those goals. And when in doubt, seek some support, from a professional or a colleague who’s making magic. If you’re an Anderson College graduate, you can always reach out to our Career Services. Our team is here to support you, for life.

With these foundational pieces in place, and a diploma from a college that provides a balance between theoretical and hands-on training, delivered by industry experts – the kind of learning you deserve – there is no limit as to where you can take your medical esthetics career.

Still determining if this career is for you? Take the “Anderson College Medical Professional Career Training Readiness Quiz”.

If you’re ready to soar with Anderson College, check out our info on starting your Medical Esthetician career. And then, book a virtual appointment with us and let’s get you started!

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