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5 Thrilling Benefits to Becoming an Executive Assistant

By September 1, 2022No Comments
Executive Assistant

You know it, have seen it portrayed in movies … ‘behind every successful executive is an executive and administrative wizard of an assistant.’

As an administration executive you are the gatekeeper, the keeper of essential details, the confidante, and the colleague in which people and organizations put their trust, day to day. If you’ve considered executive studies, pursuing a diploma in administration or an online executive degree, there are a few things you should know.

This career isn’t for the faint of heart, as it calls for stellar organizational skills, a keen eye for detail and an ability to stand in the face of strong-willed leaders, and be equally confident, to keep them on target and on schedule.

But if you feel compelled to explore an exciting career that tests your skills, has you solving puzzles and connects you to an organization’s vital information and people, then we thought you’d like to know the reasons why you should dive right into this type of training.

5 Thrilling Benefits to Becoming an Executive Assistant


1.Feeds the Soul of Someone Who Loves Variety and a Thrilling Ride

If you’re jazzed by a fast-paced environment, want to learn new things daily, get a buzz out of having your finger on the pulse, working in an ever-changing environment and solving a diverse range of problems, this career is for you. As you support top executives and key businesspeople, they will come to depend on you to achieve success. You are the wizard behind the curtain booking appointments, overseeing schedules, prioritizing the information that comes across your desk, and, well, just about anything that needs to be done to keep the team on task. This is exactly the place a person who loves variety should be.

2.Learning From Leaders of the Inner Circle

In this role you are privy to organizational strategies and business decisions being made at the highest levels. You are exposed to the ideas of the inner circle and there is no better way to learn than to absorb information from the best in the business. As an executive assistant you have a unique and direct line to leaders and not only do you glean from them, but they look to you for support, often input and even direction. No matter whether this is your first career and you’re looking for a leaping off point (and a ton of networking connections), or this is the ultimate position for you, this is a dynamic move for those with the right skillset and mindset.

3.Empowering People, and Companies, to Succeed

Your ability to run the details, keep people on target and support with their needs behind the scenes, or write a report that positions them for success, makes a powerful impact every day. Your positive attitude, encouragement, and commitment to excellence ripples through to everyone your work with. If empowering others brings you joy and you’re looking for a career that adds value to people and the bottom line, then this may be the best benefit we’ve listed here.

4.Continual Career Growth and Perpetual Learning

There will hardly be a day that goes by that you are not stretching and growing in some fashion; it’s like a fast-track in executive leadership. You may begin by learning to juggle scheduling requirements and organizing office details, but every day as the needs of your team shift, so too will your role. In this position you are constantly learning and as you build trust with those senior executives, the more they’ll lean on you. This means ever-expanding growth and opportunities to glean from the best.

5.Flexible Career Schedule and Powerful Positioning

While you will be wildly busy, your schedule is rarely 9 to 5. You work when the executive you support works, and this is often whenever client or company needs call. Your days are varied, and you are learning firsthand about the life of a leader. But all this insight and information that you absorb in your position, makes you poised for anything. Every day you add skills to your arsenal and able to vie for better roles and benefits and higher pay. This career path and the passion you put into it makes you invaluable, and offers extraordinary opportunities for you, now and into the future.

And to think, you could be well on your way to being trained and in demand in less than one year.

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